April 5, 2024

4 Iffy Rhinoplasty Requests: The Importance of Keeping an Open Mind

4 Iffy Rhinoplasty Requests: The Importance of Keeping an Open Mind

Considering nose job surgery? You may already have thoughts about the changes you'd like to make or what your ideal nose looks like. After all, it's easy to be dazzled by images of models in magazines, actors on TV and even before-and-after photos of other rhinoplasty patients on the internet. But, until you've consulted with an expert, it's best to keep an open mind. The changes you think you want may not be possible through surgery—and, more likely, may not result in the best nose for you.Don't forget: you'll get the best results if you choose a rhinoplasty specialist who'll navigate you through the decision-making process. Rather than resign yourself to the following “iffy” ideas, go into your consultation with an open mind and you'll greatly increase your chances for success.

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The Common Questionable Requests

1. “I don't want open rhinoplasty.”If you tell your surgeon you're totally against open rhinoplasty, you may be asking him/her to perform your surgery in a way that will yield a poor result. Many patients worry that open rhinoplasty will leave a scar or lengthen their recovery time when, in fact, the opposite is true.2. “I don't want you to break my nose.”You may think an osteotomy—where your nasal bones are cut to shorten, lengthen their alignment—will make your rhinoplasty riskier or increase your recovery time. Besides the fact that osteotomies have no extra impact on recovery (it'll take about a week, regardless of what procedures you've had), osteotomies are required to reduce a significant hump in order to prevent a highly undesirable feature called an open roof deformity.(Think of your nasal bones like a covered tunnel. Reducing a hump requires shaving or cutting the top of the bones, leaving an opening in the “roof” of the tunnel. To close the gap the base of the bones must also be cut and pushed in toward each other. If the space isn't closed properly, the middle portion of the bridge will look and feel unnaturally flat, and the edges of the nasal bones will form prominent bumps at either side of the nose.)Without osteotomies your hump (if you have one) can only be reduced slightly, making the result of your rhinoplasty less than optimal.3. “I don't want to change my tip.”You may think making changes to the tip of your nose will create more surgical risks or increase the chance of a cosmetic complication like a collapsed nose. Truthfully, one of the best ways to achieve an unnatural-looking result (which you're unlikely to be happy with) is to make changes to the bridge without altering the tip.4. “I want a dramatic change.”If a rhinoplasty expert tells you that a very dramatic change to your nose can't be achieved without comprising your physical and/or esthetic well-being, it's best to trust him/her. Though you're always free to seek a second opinion, beware: convincing a less-experienced surgeon to make over-the-top changes could be detrimental.Remember: Rhinoplasty specialists like Dr. Buonassisi will have tools in place during the consulting process to help explain whether or not your pre-conceptions will impact your result in a negative way. Approach your consultation with an open mind and be ready to listen and learn. Book your consultation with 8 West Cosmetic Surgery now.You Might Enjoy

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