Non Surgical Chin Augmentation with Before & After Photos

Non Surgical Chin & Jaw Augmentation with Dermal Filler Injections

Chin Augmentation Options in Vancouver


Wondering about options for making your chin look longer or more defined, or adding dimensions and structure to your jaw? You’ve come to the right place. 8 West Clinic is British Columbia’s premier cosmetic surgery and medical aesthetics clinic. We’ve been helping patients achieve their goals with surgical or non surgical chin augmentation for over 20 years. Our team of experts are highly experienced, and superbly trained—they know exactly how to give you natural looking results that are aesthetically pleasing with little to no downtime. 

A recessive chin is an inherited feature. Patients have two options to consider for addressing this: a surgical chin implant, performed at 8 West Clinic by facial plastic surgeon Dr. Buonassisi, or the minimally invasive option of dermal filler injections.


What is a Non Surgical Chin Augmentation with Dermal Fillers?


A chin augmentation with dermal fillers at 8 West Clinic is an excellent non surgical way to improve the appearance of your chin to bring it more in line with your nose and forehead, as well as making it appear more defined, without the downtime, invasiveness, and permanence of surgery. Your appointment will begin with a thorough consultation with an expert injector specialist where we will discuss your concerns and advise you on what realistic changes are possibly to be made. Request a consultation today.


What Results Can I Expect with a Non Surgical Chin Augmentation?


Dermal fillers are extremely customizable! They can do a variety of things including; 

  1. Making the chin appear longer,
  2. Shaping the chin (such as evening out asymmetry, make it more square, etc)—whatever will look best on your face,
  3. Restoring volume to the lower face when it begins to “drop” as a result of age-related effects,
  4. As an added benefit, augmenting the chin—even a small amount—can position the chin more inline with the nose and forehead giving the patient more of a heart shaped face, which is a commonly desirable face shape


Dermal Filler Chin Augmentation Before & After Patient Gallery #1

Dermal Filler Chin Augmentation Before & After Patient Gallery #2

For an accurate cost assessment, we suggest you book a consultation with us today. Request a consultation now and one of our patient care managers will be in touch, or call us at (604) 733-1669.