International Women's Day: Honouring Women Who Make a Difference

International Women's Day: Honouring Women Who Make a Difference

It’s not every day that we’re given the opportunity or the insight to honour the women in our lives who have made a difference for us. It’s even more rare to have the chance to acknowledge the women in our communities who have worked day and night to bring joy, opportunity, and love into the dozens or hundreds of lives they’ve been able to reach. Since today is International Women’s Day, and since we’ve recently had the opportunity to do both – and more! – we want to take the opportunity to shed some light on our most recent experiences.

Soroptomist: An Organization Empowering and Improving the Lives of Underprivileged Women

Member Alison Berg presented (MC) Mayor Greg Moore raised over $2,900.

Linda Kozina, Dr. Tom Buonassisi, Angie Kozina, and the rest of the Fiore Skin Clinic team

You don’t necessarily have to be a part of a social or economical minority to be underprivileged. Frighteningly so, there are hundreds of women in our very own communities who are struggling to succeed at achieving their dreams due to hardship in their past and present experiences. Whether afflicted by an addiction, struggling to overcome the problems within a dysfunctional family, or turned upside down by a heartbreaking loss, the obstacles are nearly endless.

Thankfully, there are wonderful and giving volunteer organizations like Soroptomist of the Tri Cities made up of giving, kind members who are dedicating their time to improving upon the lives of these uncountable underprivileged women in our communities.

Having been the main sponsor at the Give Her Wings Gala awards event put on last week by Soroptomist, the Fiore Skin Clinic team sat teary-eyed around our table watching courageous women – with heartbreaking yet empowering stories – accepting their awards with gratitude and excitement. It dawned on each of us how commonplace these heartbreaking stories are, and just how important it is to acknowledge them and give back to the community in every way we can.

Giving Thanks to the Woman Who Made You

Linda and Angie Kozina

Whether your grandmother, mother, or mentor, today is the perfect day to send a special thanks to the woman who made you. With this being said, we’d like to thank Angie’s mom, Linda, who is not only a wonderful mother and woman but also an avid volunteer with a great big heart. Linda sits on the Soroptomist Board of Directors, and has spent countless hours of dedication towards enabling and empowering the lives of women who face hardship in our communities – including a frequent soup kitchen to provide the most basic necessity, food, to women in need and their children.

Thanks to the MLAs, Councillors, and Mayors

From left to right: Mayor Greg Moore and MLA Celina Robinson, Mayor Mike Clay with Polly Krier, Mayor Richard Stewart and Councillor Diana Dilworth – performed lip syncing.

If there would be an organization empowering women to encourage the MLAs and Mayors of our community to get up on stage and sing and dance to raise funds, it would be Soroptomist. And this is exactly what happened. A special thanks to Mayor Richard Stewart and Councillor Diana Dilworth, Mayor Greg Moore and MLA Celina Robinson, and Mayor Mike Clay with Polly Krier for your applause-worthy performances at the Give Her Wings Gala, which helped significantly to raise the $55,000 of the evening!

Finally, we’d like to thank some of the other sponsors for your generations donations, namely West Jet for your airline ticket giveaway balloon pop, which brought in $3,000 for the evening. A big thank you to Simone Gross Deplaedt and Igmar Wilkens of the Port Coquitlam Canadian Tire as well as Tracy and Dave of Tracey Price Wealth Management for their generous contributions to Soroptomist.

Sponsors Simone Gross Deplaedt and Igmar Wilkens of the Port Coquitlam Canadian Tire (sponsor)

Tracy & Dave of Tracy Price Wealth Management (sponsors).

Whether seeking out a charity to donate to or give your time, or whether looking for a small way you can honour the women in your life, today is the best day to take action – and Soroptomist are a wonderful option for the former.

Happy International Women’s Day!


Featured Image: Unsplash