December 28, 2012

Z Plasty Neck Lift

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Z Plasty

Vancouver neck lift surgery is primarily designed to enhance and tighten the neck, eliminating excess tissue, fat or �banding� that often forms as we age. Sometimes, the appearance of a �chubby� neck, �double chin� or �wobbly� neck with a poor angle can be the result of three things: a lax plastisma muscle, excess fat and the presence of a large fold of excess skin (sometimes called a �turkey wobble�). Patients with these features may be candidates for a mini neck lift with z plasty. �Z plasty� refers to a vertical, z shaped incision that Dr. Buonassisi makes along the neck in order to remove the large fold of skin.The z plasty is highly effective for removing a large "turkey waddle", but leaves a visible scar in the neck. This kind of scar isusuallytoleratedbest by older men who can hide the incision with a collared shirt. Most women will prefer to have a facelift surgery to improve the neck since the incisions are hidden in the hairline.

How the Z Plasty is Performed

An incision is placed just underneath the chin where it is easily hidden. The skin of the neck is elevated to expose the underlying fat. The fat is removed either directly or with liposuction. Once this is completed the lax underlying platisma muscle is tightly bound with sutures. This allows for significant structural support for the neck and a defined neck angle. The large fold of excess skin is completely removed using a special plastic surgery technique called a vertical z incision. When pulled together, the edges of the skin flaps form a near straight incision that fades over time. A compression garment must then be worn diligently for several weeks after the surgery.


The physical benefits of a mini neck lift are:

  • Definition of the neck angle
  • Reduction of double chin
  • Reduced neck fullness
  • Reduction of a large fold of excess skin (turkey wobble)

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