May 18, 2016

Will My Eyes be Bruised After Rhinoplasty?

|Will my eyes be bruised after rhinoplasty?
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One of the big questions from our rhinoplasty patients is: will my eyes be bruised after my rhinoplasty procedure?In this short video, Dr. Buonassisi, the cosmetic surgeon at 8 West Cosmetic Surgery, answers this question. The answer? If you've had a hump reduction or narrowing of your nose bones, most patients will see some bruising around the eyes.There are techniques, however, that can be used to narrow the nose without causing a lot of trauma and bruising. But in most cases of rhinoplasty procedures, particularly when the bridge is modified, a hump is taken down, or if the nose bones are narrowed, most patients will see a little bit of bruising around the eyes.A technique where the nose bones are moved inwards through a small incision in the skin often causes the least amount of bruising, and if that is appropriate in a particular case that�s often the technique Dr. Buonassisi will use.

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