May 22, 2017

Why You Should Never Ever Squeeze a Pimple

Angie Buonassisi
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Pimples can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, but if there's one thing we know for sure – is that popping a zit is the worst thing you can do. We know it's difficult to avoid, but understanding why is the key to preventing yourself from picking. We caught up with the skin specialists at8 West Clinic to find out why you should never, ever squeeze a pimple.

Picking increases inflammation

Inflammation around the pimple that's recently sprouted up is what causes it to be sore, swollen, and red, which is exactly what draws in so much unwanted attention and leaves you wanting to pick at it or cover it up with concealer. Picking at a pimple only makes inflammation worse because you add pressure while attempt to pop the zit, making it swell and redden even more.


Squeezing can cause scarring

At8 West Clinic, we've helped plenty of patients who once suffered from acne, and now suffer from acne scarring. Contrary topopular belief, acne scarring is not usually inherent with acne itself, but is the outcome of constantly picking and popping zits. From the pressure of attempting to release the pimple, it's common to inadvertently cause scarring in the delicate skin of the face. If you do suffer from acne scarring, a treatment at 8 West Clinic like a BBL can effectively reverse the damage.

You might get an infection

Since yourfingers are germ-carriers, you should always avoid touching your face; picking at a zit directly can be a surefire way to add bacteria to the area, worsening the pimple or potentially causing an infection that's much worse than the initial problem.

Picking Can Lead to Discolouration

Essentially just another form of scarring, discolouration can sprout up from picking at the zit and adding too much pressure to the tender skin that surrounds it. Discolouration, like acne scarring, can also be treated with light-based skin therapy, but of course it's best to avoid it altogether by allowing your pimple to heal on its own.

Popping a zit can cause more zits

When you pop a zit and release its contents, you are effectively spreading pimple-causing bacteria to the surrounding pores.

Our skin specialist, Suzanne, says that it's nearly impossible to release all of the contents with a squeeze; often what occurs is you release the contents beneath the skin to another area, which is why you'll usually see more pimples sprout up near the original zit. 

You'll lengthen the pimple's lifetime

Usually a blemish will heal on its own within 3 to 7 days, when left untouched, but when you opt to squeeze and pick at the blemish, you lengthen its healing time sometimes two-fold. With all of these facts at hand, it should be a lot easier to convince yourself away from picking at your zit the next time a blemish sprouts up.If you're interested in learning more about your skin, or wish to discuss the possibility of healing acne scarring from your past, book a complimentary consultation with our skin specialist Suzanne, and start your skin transformation today.

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