March 22, 2016

Why You Must Have a HALO Right Now

In addition to being the only one of its kind and a truly wowing technology that combines two lasers in one, the reasons for you to get your hands, or rather, your face on a Halo treatment are virtually endless. But, with summer around the corner, there couldn't be a greater time for your to have your first Halo experience. The skin specialists at Fiore Skin Clinic have helped to uncover why you must have a Halo Hybrid Fractionated laser treatment right now!

To "glow"Â for your upcoming occasion

Whether you're the bride, the mother of the bride, or a just an honored guest, having a Halo treatment before attending your summer wedding or other special occasion is a wonderful way to ensure you've got that eye-catching "glow" about you. Being so finely tuneable to deliver customized results and downtime, Halo makes for the perfect pre-occasion treatment.From just one to five or six days of downtime, you can choose how light or aggressive you'd like to go with your pre-wedding Halo. But, either way, the non-ablative laser will put channels deep into your skin to stimulate your collagen production, giving you tighter, younger, and more vibrant looking skin.

To repair sun damage from last year

Freckles are cute when we're young, but as the months of sun damage starts to pile up (along with our brown spots and general age), it simply just isn't the case any longer.Halo is one of the most effective treatments for battling obvious sun damage, helping to clear your skin of the brown spots (or freckles) that inherently come along with spending too much time exposed in damaging sun rays. In addition to also improving the texture of your skin and reducing fine lines, get a Halo now to repair the damage you did to your skin last summer – and all the summers preceding that one, too.

To enter your 40's with grace

If you've been watching your skin change over the years, you've likely noticed a significant switch for the worse around the 37 to 38 year mark. As you begin to approach your forties, there's no better way to do so with glowing grace than to get a Halo.Not only will you see significant improvement in the coloration of your skin, you'll also see a general improvement in the tightness of your skin, as well as a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.Since the combination of ablative and non-ablative lasers reach all levels of your skin, getting a Halo treatment once or twice per year doesn't just reduce the appearance of aging skin – it actually assists your skin to start producing more collagen on its own, virtually turning back the hands of time.Acne scarring – usually two or three very deep HALOs

To achieve beautiful skin just in time for summer

Whether you have acne scarring, popped blood vessels, fine lines and wrinkles, brown spots, or a multitude of other skin conditions, getting a Halo the perfect way to achieve beautiful skin just in time for summer.Especially because you don't want to be doing too much heavy skin fitness during the summer months, when you're most exposed to harsh sun light, getting a Halo during fall or spring is the ideal timing.The best thing about a Halo treatment? They are totally customizable to your skin and to your life.Since spring is the best time to work on your skin, allowing you to achieve a beautiful glow by June, there's never been a better opportunity to have your first Halo.Book your consultation here to discuss your goals and customized Halo treatment with our skin specialist.Photos: Unsplash, UnsplashUnsplash,

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