December 21, 2016

Why Latisse is a Beauty No-Brainer

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Like a gilded frame around a photograph, luscious eyelashes can enhance your looks in no time flat (no wonder so many of us carefully curl our lashes and apply coat upon coat of mascara each day). That�s why Latisse � an FDA-approved cosmetic formulation of a drug called bimatoprost � is a true beauty no-brainer. Delivering longer, thicker, darker lashes quickly, easily and without surgery or downtime, we�re listing the top three reasons you should try Latisse now:


1. Latisse is Easy to Use

Latisse is seriously easy to apply � on your own, at home, nightly. Make sure all eye makeup and/or contact lenses are removed, apply a drop of the product to a sterile applicator (provided) and draw the tip of the applicator in a line across the upper eyelid only, where the eyelashes meet the skin. Use a cotton pad to blot any excess solution away. Toss the applicator, grab a new one and repeat on your other eye.

2. Latisse Delivers Real Results

While no beauty product enjoys a 100% success rate, Latisse works remarkably well, with only a tiny percentage of users reporting no results (and very few experiencing side effects). In fact, most patients who have tried Latisse have seen success � i.e., thicker, longer, darker eyelashes � within two to four months of use.(Fun tip: snap selfies of your lashes throughout weeks to create your very own �before and after� gallery! Just remember, if you stop using Latisse, your lashes will gradually return to their previous appearance.)

3. Latisse is Cost Effective

Beyond being an easy, safe and effective beauty booster, Latisse also offers a relatively cost-effective way to enhance your looks. In fact, compared to some surgical cosmetic procedures and non-invasive skin treatments, it could be called a beauty bargain!Interested in finding out more about Latisse, including its use, rate of effectiveness and cost? Book your free consult with the esthetic experts at 8 West Cosmetic now!

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