May 18, 2016

Why Does It Take a Year to See Full Results from Rhinoplasty?

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The question is: why does it take a full year to see my full results from a rhinoplasty?In this short video, Dr. Buonassisi, the cosmetic surgeon at 8 West Cosmetic Surgery, explains the truth. While there may be a final 10% change you may not see until a year after your procedure, the majority of the results from your rhinoplasty will be noticeable right away. After swelling goes down within three weeks after your procedure, you will see 80% of the results from your rhinoplasty.The last 10% of swelling that occurs is indicated by swelling of the nasal tip skin, which sometimes takes a full year to completely resolve, but most patients are very happy by the improvements of their rhinoplasty right away.

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