March 22, 2017

The One Beauty Treatment You Must Try

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Angie Buonassisi
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Do you dream of having longer, thicker, darker lashes? Latisse can turn that fantasy into reality, making it the one beauty treatment you absolutely must try to give your look a lift. Featuring quick-and-easy at-home use, zero downtime an astounding success rate, 8 West Cosmetic is breaking down just how this revolutionary eyelash-growth solution works (read to the end to see how we can help you give it a whirl):


Locked into Growth

Every hair on your body, including your eyelashes, goes through a “life cycle” that includes three stages: active growth, transition and resting. Latisse – an FDA-approved cosmetic formulation of a drug called bimatoprost – prevents your upper lash hairs from advancing past the first active growth or “anagen” phase, where they remain attached by the root to the life-giving blood supply or “dermal papilla.” Since they cannot move on to the two final stages of their life, the hairs continue to grow (until you stop using the product). Further, Latisse strengthens each eyelash with proteins and peptides, supporting not just the growth and lengthening but also the thickening and darkening of each and every hair.

Stunning Success Rate

Latisse works for most people who try it – only a tiny percentage of patients see no results. Bear in mind, however, that you have to stick with it, diligently applying the solution to your upper lashes daily according to the instructions. Do that and, according to anecdotal evidence, you’ll likely find yourself among the 25 percent of users who see an improvement after one month, among the 50 percent who see an improvement after two months, among the 67 percent who see an improvement after three months or among the 80 percent who see an improvement after four months. Best of all, side effects with Latisse are few and infrequent – the expert estheticians at 8 West can discuss success rates and side effects with you in full.Ready to give Latisse a whirl and experience longer, thicker, darker eyelashes yourself? Book your free pre-consultation at 8 West today!

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