May 22, 2017

Soprano ICE: The Highest Standard in Laser Hair Removal

Angie Buonassisi
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For those who struggle with unwanted hair (which is almost all of us), the idea of being fuzz free for life is hugely appealing. But the time and cost involved in laser hair removal, combined with the drawbacks of it being painful and unable to treat darker skin or light-coloured hair often overshadows its benefits.Unwilling to accept this, the 8 West Clinicteam set out to find a machine that could deliver the same or better results without any of the pain or hassle. That’s when we were introduced to the Soprano ICE laser hair removal machine.


Virtually pain-free, and requiring only a fraction of the treatment time needed for traditional laser-hair removal techniques, the Soprano ICE has all but solved the issues of speed and comfort, as well as being safe and effective for all skin and hair types. It also has the added benefit of being one of most effective machines available in the war against the fuzz.


A top of the line machine, the Soprano ICE uses multiple wavelengths to treat unwanted hair, which is what allows it to treat any skin or hair type. This is no doubt one aspect of the machine’s sophisticated functionality that led it to receive the Aesthetic Industry Award for Best Hair Removal Platform from Alma Lasers, a company described as a “Global innovator of laser, light-based, and ultrasound solutions for the aesthetic and surgical markets.” Citing the machine’s speed, spotless safety record, and efficacy, Alma has also praised the advanced ICE™ technology, which cools the skin during treatment. This has a twofold effect: it sharply reduces the risk of burns to the skin, while also working to make the treatment much more comfortable for patients.

Soprano Ice hair removal

“Comfort is a huge issue,” says Suzanne, our laser hair removal specialist at 8 West Clinic. Laser hair removal has often been compared to the feeling of hot elastics snapping over the skin’s surface. Depending on your pain tolerance it can hurt a little or a lot; but one thing is for sure: it does hurt. “Unlike conventional lasers, the Soprano ICE emits a warm heat, which patients find much more tolerable,” Suzanne explains. Featuring a ‘cooling tip’ that delivers a cool sensation to the part of the body being treated, each treatment is customized to the patient. “Let’s say I have someone who is feeling too much heat,” Suzanne talks emphatically. “I just do a cooling pass with the tip of the laser over the skin’s surface and any warmth is relieved immediately.”But what about speed? While conventional lasers can only cover one small area at a time during treatment, the Soprano ICE, which penetrates the skin at a faster rate, allows for a much larger area to be covered. An entire man’s back, for example, can be treated in just 5 minutes; and a full leg treatment for women takes only 10. With comfort and speed significantly improved upon, the Soprano ICE addressed the last issue facing laser hair removal: its inability to treat all types of skin and hair types.

Different hair types for laser hair removal

Using a sophisticated in-motion technology dubbed SHR™, the laser heats gradually, damaging follicles while avoiding the possibility of injuring the skin. A diode laser, which is based on an Nd:YAG wavelength, ensures only a moderate energy absorption by the melanin chromophore.It’s this absorption level, along with the constant cooling offered by the cooling tip, which makes Soprano ICE a laser hair removal suitable for darker skin types (up to skin type 6), light coloured hair, as well as fine hair, and even tanned skin. This gives us the ability to perform it on a patient at any time of the year--not just within the time frame of certain seasons.


Among the many types of devices used to perform laser hair removal, one of the most popular is the IPL. Although technically effective, the intense pulsed laser is ideally suited to treatments such as facials or removing broken capillaries. When used for laser hair removal, IPL is both painful and time consuming.Because it uses hundreds of wavelengths, the IPL heats up the skin quite a bit and can cause great discomfort; as well as only being effective on fair skin with darker, coarse hair. And if you have a tan, IPL should not be used at all within at least a month as it can go after pigment in the skin and lead to scarring.Dr. Buonassisi, Facial Plastic Surgeon and founder of 8 West Clinic, talks about the virtues of the Soprano ICE machine.

“In terms of comparisons between the Soprano ICE and IPL for laser hair removal, there isn’t one really. The Nd:YAG wavelength of the Soprano ICE, ensures its superiority as. This type of laser can cost upwards of $100,000, and the truth of the matter is that not everyone can afford one. But this machine has been designed for laser hair removal and laser hair removal only; in that sense it really speaks for itself.”

Many people forget that laser hair removal is an aesthetic medical treatment, but the reality is that anytime a laser is used the potential for damage exists; particularly if the person performing the treatment is not properly trained or experienced. So not only must you do your research as to who performs your treatment, you must decide on what is the best and safest laser available for your skin type and hair colour.


The latest technology in laser hair removal

Ensuring you receive the best results from your laser hair removal treatment is also, at least in part, up to you. Not only is it important to find a reputable clinic with experienced treatment providers, there should be a doctor overseeing these procedures in case of any side effects. Be wary of offers or deals featuring extremely low prices; most likely they are for IPL machines and may not even be suitable for your skin or hair type. Not only that, ask yourself if you want to cut corners with someone who will be handling a powerful machine like a laser to a highly visible or sensitive (or both) part of your body?It’s also important to be realistic. At 8 West Clinic, we truly believe that being honest and managing our patients expectations is an important part of our job. The reality is that you will not get rid of all your hair, particularly in one treatment, and you will not get rid of it forever. Anyone who tells you otherwise is being dishonest. You can, however, significantly reduce the amount of fuzz you face daily and for longer periods of time as treatments go on. Responsible scheduling of appointments in order to catch your hair growth cycle is crucial. At the 6-week mark, new growth begins and you will need to catch this window of opportunity. If this is carried out properly, it’s reasonable to expect a 65-75% reduction after the first treatment. Following that, a 25-35% reduction in new hair growth is about average.


Virtually any part of the body is a possibility. From legs, back, shoulders, neck and arms to more sensitive areas like the derriére, bikini line, and even the inner part of the buttocks all the way to “the heart of the backyard.” During a treatment only one section at a time is treated and the rest is covered, maintaining your privacy during the laser hair removal. It is normal to sometimes experience a tiny bit of redness or even scaling, but with the Soprano ICE you can return to your normal daily activities immediately. It seems a given to say that all our laser hair removal is performed using sterile equipment under the guidance and supervision of a licensed Facial Plastic Surgeon, but seeing as most of us have had laser hair removal ourselves, we understand the importance of stating this out loud.


We would love to speak with you. Whether you’ve made up your mind or not on taking the plunge, we are happy to answer any of your questions (even the ones you think might be silly). Feel free to contact us, or come on in for a complimentary consultation and speak with our laser hair removal specialist today.Photos: Unsplash, Unsplash, Unsplash, Unsplas

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