December 29, 2016

Skin Revival: How to Overcome Holiday Indulgence

You may have made it through the holidays, but did they take a toll on your skin? Feeling more dull, dry and patchy than before the festive season began? The skin specialists at 8 West Cosmetic have identified the holiday indulgences that can negatively affect your skin, and give tips on how to bounce back with a skin revival.

Holiday Indulgences that Impact Your Skin

Alcohol: Alcohol, which dehydrates your body in general, can really impact your skin. Dehydration of the skin occurs every time you take a celebratory sip (which, let's face it, can happen often over the holidays). Experts also suggest that alcoholdeprives the skin of vital vitamins and nutrients and, over time, drinking heavily can have more detrimental effects on your skin. Red wine is especially harmful to people with skin issues like rosacea, leading to a flare-up 76 percent of the time.Sugar: With so many sweet treats on offer, most of us indulge in a little (or a lot) more sugar than usual during this time of year. Unfortunately, simple carbohydrates like refined sugar can cause insulin levels to spike, leading to inflammation and the production of enzymes that break down collagen and elastin, making your skin look saggy and wrinkled. Through a process called glycation, digested sugar lastingly attaches to the collagen in your skin, hindering its plumping effects. Sugar can also aggravate conditions like rosacea and acne, and can result in unwanted pigmentation of the skin.Sodium: On the flip side of all those sweets, the traditional salty holiday menu of turkey and gravy can also have grave effects on your skin.You may see your face swelling or becoming puffy due to water retention or notice more localized puffiness or bags around your eyes.Too much sodium can also result in dry, cracked skin ... or the opposite: an overproduction of oils as your skin tries to compensate for its dehydration, which can then lead to breakouts.

How to Revive Your Skin After the Holidays

Drink plenty of water: Rehydrating after the holidays means getting back to your regular hydration routine ASAP, drinking a minimum of two litres of water per day. You may also consider hydrating more quickly with a product like Precision Hydration.Boost your antioxidants: If your holiday overindulgence has left plenty of free radicals circulating in your system (and potentially harming your skin), it's time to up the antioxidant-rich foods in your diet. Try berry smoothies with strawberries, blueberries, and cranberries.Use day, night and eye cream: After the holidays, it's time to pay special attention to your skin-care regime. Revive your skin with the highest-quality products, including a day cream with SPF and an anti-aging, highly moisturizing night cream, as well as an eye cream for the sensitive, fragile skin around your eyes.Exfoliate frequently: Using high-quality skin products is of no benefit if the outermost layer of your skin is too thick, preventing creams, lotions and serums from penetrating to the lower levels of your skin. Be sure to exfoliate regularly either mechanically or with an exfoliating polish, especially after the holidays, to help your skin recover faster.Have a BBL Laser Treatment: Boost the plumpness, elasticity and collagen in your skin immediately with a Forever Young BBL treatment, which will also erase dry skin, pigmentation, large pore sizes and uneven skin tone. Winter is the best time to have a BBL Laser Treatment, which should be done twice annually for the best long-term anti-aging benefits.Ready to discuss your options for reviving your skin after your holiday indulgence, and right in time for the new year? Book your complimentary consultation today, and get your skin transformation underway.

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