December 28, 2012

Platysmaplasty Neck Tightening

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Platysmaplasty Neck Tightening Surgery

The neck area often changes as we age. Many of us will develop laxity of the platysma muscle - which is a thin muscle that envelopes the entire neck and lower face. When this muscle becomes lax, it contributes to the appearance of a poor or weak neck angle on profile view. Many of our patients would like to improve their neck angle so that they can appear more youthful.Dr. Buonassisi often performs platysmaplasty surgery at the same time as a facelift. This combination is appropriate for patients who would benefit from a substantial tightening of the neck area in addition to rejuvenation of the lower face. This video explains platysmaplasty surgery.

In some cases a lax platysma muscle is hereditary, and the weakening of the angle is apparent even when the patient is young. Patients who are under the age of 40 and don't have laxity in the lower face and neck may be candidates for double chin surgery.

How the surgery is performed:

  • a small incision is made just below the chin where it is very difficult to see once healed
  • the redundant platysma muscle is trimmed to allow for tightening of the remaining muscle
  • tightening of the remaining muscle is achieved by suturing the muscle tight
  • the incision is closed with sutures that are removed roughly 7 days after surgery

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  • watch a video that explains platysmaplasty surgery

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