May 26, 2016

Patient Story with Injectables: Karen Gets Rid of Her Forehead Lines

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Karen, a recent patient at the Fiore Skin Clinic, has a story that isn't all that uncommon.

At age 56, Karen wished for nothing more than to get rid of her forehead lines that had resulted in an �angry� expression that wouldn't go away. She found as she aged, her cheeks had fallen towards the lower part of her face, a common outcome of aging also known as facial volume loss.

As volume is lost in the face, the cheeks often slip downward, emphasizing the jowls or the lower part of the face. She sought the help of the face experts at Fiore Skin Clinic to help refresh her look.

With dermal fillers to replace lost volume, and Botox to soften forehead wrinkles, our nurse injector�Jillian helped Karen achieve a fuller, more relaxed expression, a younger looking appearance, and boundless confidence.

View the video to see Karen's full story.

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