June 8, 2016

Patient Story with HALO: Silvain Corrects His Sun Damage

We would like you to meet one of our favourite patients, Sylvain. Watch the video to learn more about the results of a skin transformation that undid years of sun damage from his skin.Sylvain is one of Vancouver's top personal trainers and educators at Infofit in Vancouver. To say this man understands health and wellness is an understatement. He has dedicated his entire career to helping others feel their best. As you can imagine, he is extremely fit, and an example of what a lifelong dedication to wellness can be. In fact, Sylvain trains many of us at Fiore Skin Clinic, including Dr. Buonassisi's wife Angie.At age 51, Sylvain has a physique that most 30 year olds dream of. But after visiting tanning booths, Silvain's skin no longer suited the rest of him. Learn more about the Halo Hybrid Fractionated Laser treatment that significantly reduced pigment from sun damage, plumped collagen and help get back the healthy glow. Thank you for sharing your story Sylvain! And for keeping our team here strong and healthy.Watch his experience below for the fully story, and we he now calls us his "face angels."https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwopahkXg_U

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