January 13, 2017

Metagenics Clear Change Challenge Day 4

Angie Buonassisi
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If you are following along or joining us on the Metagenics Clear Change 10 Day Cleanse, then you are probably well-aware that Day 4 of the cleanse is a turning point. Past what is often reported to be the most challenging Day 3, we had the chance to sit down with two of our team members, Katie and Erin, on Day 4 of their cleanse to see how they were doing. Continue to the bottom to watch the live show from yesterday.

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Day 4 of Your Cleanse

By this point, a lot of foods have already been eliminated from your diet, including flour, sugar, and caffeine. As of yesterday, on day 3 of the cleanse, nuts and grains were also removed from the diet. For Day 4, you may still be experiencing a lack of energy, though your sugar and caffeine withdrawals and associated headaches should be easing up.Â

Katie's Day 4 Experience

metagenics clear change cleanse

As a certified ROHP and being such a healthy eater, Katie has had a pretty easy time with the cleanse so far. Though she has experienced a lack of energy thus far, Katie is looking forward to a full detox to prepare her body for a transformation next.

Katie was feeling much better on day 4, stating that typically day 3 of the cleanse is the worst as your body detoxes from excitotoxins. By day 4 your body is more used to not needing those, you are no longer craving sugar or caffeine, and you are able to taste flavours better. Katie said she had gained a peaceful feeling by day 4.

  • Energy level: When we spoke with her on the morning of day 4, Katie said she was about a 6 or 7 out of ten for energy level. She said this varies throughout the day. however, and tends to pick up right after she eats or has a shake.
  • Caffeine/sugar withdrawals:Â Katie wasn't experiencing any caffeine or sugar withdrawals, as she isn't a big coffee or sweets person.
  • Biggest challenge:Â Katie said the biggest challenge is trying to get the abundance of water while being super busy at work. She mentioned that hot water during the cleanse is easier to digest.
  • Mood: Katie had a pretty relaxed, upbeat mood on Day 4, though she was a bit anxious about the busy day ahead.
  • Surprising results: Something you wouldn't necessarily expect from a cleanse is inflammation. Though Katie knew this was a normal aspect of the cleanse, having done the same one before, she reported having inflamed joints in her hands yesterday on day 3, which was going down when we talked to her on day 4.
  • Biggest positive: The biggest positive takeaway of the cleanse so far for Katie was the community effort – everyone at the 8 West team coming together and supporting one another through it.

Erin's Day 4 Experience

metagenics clear change cleanse

With a strong dependancy on coffee, both as part of her morning routine and the caffeine itself, Erin has been struggling with this part of the cleanse in particular. Tuesday was an especially hard day for Erin, being day 2 of the cleanse when caffeine withdrawals are often the worst.

  • Energy level:Â Erin said she was a 6 out of 10 for energy level on day 4, which was up from the day prior.
  • Caffeine/sugar withdrawals:Â Finally, Erin felt like her caffeine withdrawals were starting to back off a little bit on day 4. She still wanted a coffee, but it wasn't as painful as it was on day one.
  • Biggest challenge:Â The biggest challenge for Erin during the cleanse so far has been the lack of coffee and the caffeine withdrawals with the associated headaches and lack of energy.
  • Mood:Â Erin's mood was pretty high and upbeat on Day 4; she said she's normally a pretty high-energy person, and although her energy is down a bit from usual, she felt pretty good.
  • Surprising symptom:Â Erin was most surprised by the body aches and pains she was experiencing during day 2 and 3 of her detox.
  • Biggest positive: Â The biggest positive from the cleanse for Erin was self-awareness: learning just how addicted she is to sugar and caffeine, and also learning that she wasn't getting enough water from her BIA testing, so that she can address those things.

Join us on our Cleanse Journey

We want you to join us on this detoxifying journey; we are currently offering free BIA testing with our ROHP, Katie, as well as 15% off your own cleanse kit.Watch our live show from Day 2 here, and stay tuned for our next live shows airing on our Facebook page everyday at noon (weekends excluded) until Jan. 19th.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tB8QGrt6fkM

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