January 11, 2017

Metagenics Clear Change Challenge Day 2

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We sat down with our team member, Suzanne, to discuss Day 2 of her cleanse and how she was feeling, both physically and mentally. Interestingly enough, we got very different answers from each, which demonstrates exactly how varied the experience can be depending on�a variety of personal and lifestyle factors. Read on to hear from Suzanne on her Metagenics Clear Change Day 2 experience, and watch the live show from yesterday.

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Suzanne's�Day 2 Experience

As Suzanne sat down with us to share her experience with the Metagenics Clear Change 10 Day Challenge, day one and two, we knew we were going to hear good news � her energy and optimism was immediately apparent.

  • Energy level: Suzanne began sharing with us how surprised she was by her current energy levels and mood, as compared to her experience with her previous juice cleanse. Unlike what she'd expected, she rated her Day 2 energy level at an 11 � on a scale of one to ten!
  • Caffeine/sugar withdrawals:�Suzanne reported having no caffeine withdrawals on day 2 of her cleanse, sensing that perhaps this was due to her already having withdrawn from coffee during her time in Ireland over the holidays. She mentioned subtle sugar withdrawals, which seemed to dissipate almost immediately after drinking her Metagenics shake.
  • Biggest challenge:�Suzanne felt pretty confident on day 2 of her cleanse, and didn't have any particular challenges to report.
  • Mood:�Suzanne rated her mood a 9 (1 being the lowest, 10 being the best), simply because she wanted to leave some room for improvement.
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Kylie's Day 2 Experience

[Please review this part, as I didn't want to complete delete it. Don't know if there is any part of the content you want to keep.]We chatted with Kylie about her day 2 experience as well; having already done this same cleanse before, Kylie had a better idea of what to expect. However, her experience on day 2 was very different than Suzanne's.

  • Energy level:�Kylie shared with us that her energy levels were suffering, likely from the lack of caffeine she is used to having on her morning commute to the office. She reported her energy levels as a 4, compared to a 5 on the day prior on day 1 of the cleanse.
  • Caffeine/sugar withdrawals:�Kylie reported having woken up with a headache, which at the time we spoke with her on the morning of day 2, were at a 4 severity level, coming and going. Headaches are surefire sign of a caffeine or sugar addiction, which is how most people experience the withdrawal process.�
  • Biggest challenge:�Kylie's headaches and lack of coffee, and the subsequent�"fogginess," were her biggest challenge on day 2 of the cleanse, all of which were slightly worse than they were on day 1.
  • Mood:�Kylie rated her mood a 3 � she said she felt a little slow, foggy, and grumpy, which coincides with her energy level rating, though this seemed to pick up quite drastically by around lunchtime!

Caffeine Withdrawals: What to Expect

By the middle or end of day one of your cleanse, you may experience the same symptoms � headaches � that are so common in caffeine and sugar withdrawals. These headaches can often continue into day 2 and 3 of your cleanse. which are often reported to be the most challenging days of the 10 day program.

Join us on our Cleanse Journey

We want you to join us on this detoxifying journey; we are currently offering free BIA testing with our ROHP, Katie, as well as 15% off your own cleanse kit.Watch our live show from Day 2 here, and stay tuned for our next live shows airing on our Facebook page everyday at noon (weekends excluded) until Jan. 19th.

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