February 14, 2017

Lips and Mouth: Surgical and Non-Surgical Procedures that Compliment One Other

If you are looking to make a change to your appearance, it's important to consider how each feature of the face compliments the other. Often what we find, especially after a professional consultation with our team at 8 West Cosmetic Surgery, is that patients want to make changes to one aspect but don't consider the rest. Here we've compiled your best surgical and non-surgical options for the lip and mouth area that compliment one another.

Dermal Fillers

The most common non-surgical option when it comes to lip augmentation is a simple lip filler, which results in plumping and firming of the lips, bringing a more youthful, supple appearance to your facial features. If you want to achieve fuller, plumper-looking lips, then dermal fillers are your best option.

Additionally, if you find that the corners of your mouth turn down, either because of aging or as a hereditary component of your facial features, this can also be addressed using dermal fillers, which when placed specifically, can turn the corners of the mouth upwards for a more natural-looking smile and a more pleasant resting face.

At 8 West Cosmetic, we use hyaluronic (or HA) dermal fillers, which are the safest and most effective on the market. The best news about these lip injections is that they are reversible if you don't like the results with another injection that dissolves the first. Read more about the benefits of HA Fillers here. 

Compliment with: Contour TRL

Lip fillers can be complimented tremendously with a Contour TRL treatment, which works wonders for smoothing lines around the mouth, which are sometimes referred to as "lipstick lines."

Double Chin Surgery

A common complaint that we hear at 8 West Cosmetic Surgery is about that of a "double chin" which is often the result of skin laxity around the neck, causing a double chin or sagging appearance. This can be due to lifestyle choices, but is most often hereditary, and tends to get more prominent and noticeable with age.

The best approach to correcting this is a surgical option referred to as double chin surgery. During this surgery, your double chin will be corrected in the best way, depending on what the cause is, by either removing the excess fat in the area or tightening the lax platysma muscle, or sometimes both. This surgery results in significant results and a more youthful, attractive defined neck angle. Read more about double chin surgery here. 

Compliment with: Chin Implant

Another surgical option which is sometimes an alternative to patients who think they may need double chin surgery and is other times a good compliment to the procedure is a chin implant, since the appearance of a double chin can sometimes be due to a recessive chin. A chin implant also softens the jowls, creates a more balanced appearance of the face, and results in as harper, more attractive neck line. Read more about how a chin implant is performed here.

Surgical and non-surgical options should be weighed and decided upon carefully, and with the knowledge of a professional. Be sure to book your complimentary consultation with our team of specialists to discuss the best lip augmentation options for you.

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