March 24, 2016

Keys to Getting a Natural Result with Injectables

When it comes to injectables, namely botox and fillers, natural looking results should be the number one goal of both the patient and the injector. Whether you're new to getting injectables or not, the greatest key to getting natural-looking results is to work with an injector you know and trust. Consider these additional solution-oriented tips which can certainly be the keys to getting a natural result with injectables.Â

Problem: Over-Filling

Over-filling is a common problem that occurs when too much product, either botox or filler, is used in the specified area. This leads to obviously out-of-proportion cheeks, overblown lips, or a forehead that doesn't move at all, and is usually the result of one of two occurrences. Either the patient has requested that amount of filler or botox or, frighteningly, the injector is using a pushy sales strategy to maximize each injection session by selling as much product as possible. Choose an injector who will give you the honest truth, even if it isn't to their own benefit.

Solution: Be selective and conservative

The best solution to avoid unnatural results with over-filling is also one that takes a bit of time to create: work with an experienced injector you trust. We also strongly recommend sticking with your trusted injector for the long-term, and working towards your goal by getting yourself closer and closer with each visit. You can bring in photos of the results you're looking for, but be understanding that you might need to make a second visit to get your desired results. It's much better to err on the side of being conservative with the amount of product you're using than to risk over-filling.Â

Problem: Under-Filling

Similarly, under-filling can occur, usually with botox, which results in very little to no results. A a certain number of units (in the case of Botox) or volume (in the case of fillers) is required to weaken the muscles that cause wrinkles or plump lips (let's call it a dose), and this dose varies depending on the size of the muscle, or how much volume you need. If your injector uses too little product, you won't see a result from botox or fillers - a minimum threshold needs to be achieved. Under-correction is usually the result of the patient's request , and though not as drastically disappointing as over-filling, can still be a waste of time, efforts, and resources.

Solution: Be Generous

Sometimes patients will come in wishing to purchase a certain small quantity of product, hoping to get the most miles out of it that they can, then directing the injector where to put such a limited amount of supply. This can result in disappointment from under-filling, because the patient doesn't see the expected results. Use an injector who is happy to educate you on the number of units needed to see the results you desire. If you have an injector you can trust, rest assured that they will be able to help you budget out a treatment that will be both effective and affordable. You may have to forego areas you hoped to have to treated to stay in our budget, but this is better than spending money to under treat an area and being "underwhelmed" by the result.

Problem: An Unnaturally Shaped Face

A youthful, beautiful face is shaped like an upside down triangle, with the chin as the tip of the point and the cheekbones as the widest point. As we age, however, our faces start to lose volume (this happens at around age 37), a process that begins with a flattening of the cheeks. The cheeks then slide downwards, creating pressure on the line between the corner of our noses and the outside of our mouths, accentuating what is commonly known as the naso labial fold.Many patients seek out injectables to this, thinking that injecting right into the fold is the way to go. A good injector will evaluate the face as a whole, while thinking about how to restore that beautiful triangular shape. In inexperienced injector may make the mistake of leaving the flat cheeks as is, injecting in the fold, thus creating a lower face that looks bulky in comparison to the upper face.

Solution: Choose an Injector Who Can Educate You and Inject in the Correct Places

To avoid an unnaturally shaped face while still addressing the nasal labial fold, the injector should fill your cheeks, which often times in itself will take pressure off the naso labial fold and give you a younger, more attractive full-faced shape. Knowledge and experience is most important when choosing an injector.Remember: everybody has naso labial folds, even newborn babies, so your objective should not be to completely get rid of them, but to rather achieve a nice balance and a triangular-shaped face.

Problem: Replacing a Facelift with Fillers

Fillers only go so far. "We see cases where either the patient or their injector has attempted to get more out of fillers than is possible", says Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Thomas Buonassisi. Â The most common situation, he explains, is the patient who was unhappy with a sagging lower face and jowls, sought the advice of a clinic that did not offer what they really needed: a facelift. What was recommended to them was not what they needed, rather what was available. Adding too much volume to the lower face (for example to camouflage jowls) is a valid and wonderful strategy when a subtle improvement is acceptable, however fillers can't lift sagging skin and muscle. There comes a point when trying to use filler for this purpose results in an odd shaped face that is boxy, puffy, unnatural and still far from youthful. "This is when I advise my patients that they could consider surgery to get the result they hope for, or if they want to avoid surgery, to adjust their expectations about what fillers can do for them", says Dr. Buonassisi.

Solution: Seek a Clinic That Offers Surgical and Non Surgical Solutions

You can subtly use fillers in the lower face to smooth out some of the fold without over-using the product, but the best way to avoid this problem is to have a proper consultation with a practice that can advise you honestly on both surgical and non surgical approaches.The bottom line? Don't aim for a look that doesn't naturally exist in the real world! It's very uncommon for woman aged 55-60 to have large round cheeks, because flattening of the cheeks is a natural part of aging. Instead of aiming for perfection, accept an improvement in your appearance and know that natural-looking is always the best.Click here to book a consultation with our experienced injector, Jillian.Photos: Unsplash,

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