November 4, 2016

Facelift Q&A with Dr. Buonassisi: Is a Facelift the Only Answer for Marionette Lines and Jowls?

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A facelift is definitely the gold standard solution for these features. However, there are some alternatives for these if your expectations are realistic.

If you would be happy with having your lines filled, a filler will work to smooth out marionette lines. Jowls can be smoothed out by adding filler. Filler won�t lift like a facelift does; with filler you are just adding volume to the area. In a lot of cases, filler is not a good solution, because it can make your whole lower face look bulkier and heavier.

Non-surgical skin tightening can also be performed, but expect subtle changes.

Would a facelift address both of these problems?

Yes, a facelift is for the lower part of the facelift and is totally effective in targeting these problems together.

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