December 28, 2012


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Medial epicanthoplasty surgery removes the �Mongolian fold� which obstructs the medial corner of the eye. People who are bothered by a very prominent fold often complain that so much of their inner eye is covered that they look like their eyes are too widely spaced, are too short horizontally, or that they appear cross-eyed. When the fold is very developed, epicanthoplasty can be used to lengthen the horizontal eyelid opening which results in a bigger, more alert eye appearance.

This video explains epicanthoplasty and what patients may be candidates.

Not all patients are candidates for epicanthoplasty and a consultation with expert Asian eyelid surgeon and Facial Plastic SurgeonDr. Thomas Buonassisiwill help determine which surgical methods are the safest for improving the eye appearance. In appropriate patients, epicanthoplasty is often combined withdouble eyelid surgery.

Benefits of Medial Epicanthoplasty

  • the surgery decreases the intercanthal distance which makes the eyes appear to be closer together (the ratio between the length of eyes and intercanthal distance becomes closer to 1:1, which is the ideal)
  • further reveals the medial half of the eyes which makes the eyes appear bigger and brighter
  • reveals the medial half of the double fold which makes the creases softer and more natural
  • moves the medial canthus medially and upwards so that the eyes look less slanted

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