August 30, 2017

Dual CoolSculpting Cost in Vancouver

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Dual CoolSculpting at 8 West Clinic in Vancouver, B.C.

8 West Clinic is a full service Cosmetic Surgery practice and Medical Skin Clinic. Directed by Dr. Thomas Buonassisi, we are happy to be able to offer a wide array of options when it comes to treating stubborn pockets of fat. Our Coolsculpting University trained skin experts can help you achieve your goals through non-surgical methods like Dual Coolsculpting.

CoolSculpting - The Non-Surgical, No Downtime Procedure for Fat Reduction

CoolSculpting is the only FDA cleared, non surgical innovation that has been helping thousands of people to lose stubborn areas of fat. These stubborn pockets of fat are usually resistant to diet and exercise and can be very bothersome. Coolsculpting is one of the best non-surgical methods of painlessly freezing unwanted fat which won�t return. This treatment has been performed on millions of people around the world and is one of the most safe and effective procedures that results in a 20% reduction in fat. This reduction of fat actually results in the number of fat cells being removed in the areas treated, as opposed to weight loss which causes your fat cells to shrink in size. This means that with the fat cells no longer being present after Coolsculpting, they won�t be able to get bigger! Instead, they are gone forever.

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

CoolSculpting was developed years ago when scientists at Harvard University observed that children who ate popsicles were developing dimples in their cheeks. The scientists realized that the popsicles were freezing and eliminating small pockets of fat cells. This revolutionary idea that cold can target fat cells without damaging any skin or surrounding tissue was the insight behind Cryolipolysis�, the proven science on which the CoolSculpting procedure is based.Unlike surgical procedures like liposuction, CoolSculpting takes very little time and has no downtime post treatment. 8 West Clinic is also one of the few clinics to offer Dual CoolSculpting, which means we can cut your treatment time in half. After having a CoolSculpting treatment, you can typically get right back to your busy day. The duration of each treatment is approximately one hour, so you can easily fit your appointment in over a lunch break.Now you may be wondering about results! Well, after just one treatment, you will see a noticeable reduction of fat in as little as 4 to 6 weeks with the full benefits being noted after 12 to 16 weeks. The reason for the lengthy process is because it takes that long for your body to naturally dispose of the fat cells.

CoolSculpting Costs

So now the big question remains, how much is this revolutionary treatment going to cost me? The price for CoolSculpting procedures really varies person to person as it depends on the area of concern, how many sessions are needed and your personal goals. That is why we are happy to offer complimentary consultations with our CoolSculpting experts, who will inform you on the various available CoolSculpting applicators that will be best suited for your concerns. Our experts create a customized treatment plan specific to your needs and in line with your goals, and your budget.8 West Clinic is also happy to offer completely customizable packages that you can create based on the areas you would like to treat. We are not a one size fits all clinic when it comes to our treatments, so we let you create your own CoolSculpting package with the help of our experts to make sure you can achieve your goals without dollars wasted.

CoolSculpting Applicators

CoolSculpting uses different applicators depending on the area of the body you would like to treat and the concentration of fat tissue. The applicator used is determined by the area where you carry your weight and how much pinchable tissue there is. More stubborn areas are likely to require more than one treatment.


Overview of Applicators:

CoolAdvantage PLUS (largest applicator)The CoolAdvantage PLUS is the highest value applicator and this is because it is used as a �debulking treatment,� this means that it is used for initial volume reduction before sculpting using one of smaller applicators below.CoolAdvantage Applicators (CoolMini, CoolPetite)Depending on the area you would like to treat, our CoolAdvantage applicators help sculpt the belly, love handles, flanks, inner thighs, arms and double chin. This family of applicators is our most popular as they contour to treat different targeted areas to sculpt a new you!CoolSmoothThe CoolSmooth is an amazing non-vacuum applicator that is used to target problem areas with non-pinchable fat, such as the outer thighs. Unlike the above applicators, the CoolSmooth is a contact applicator that is not meant to pinch fat, therefore it has zero suction.


Recovery Time

The best advantage of CoolSculpting is the fact that it has zero downtime. That means that unlike liposuction there is no need for wasted vacation time off work, opting out of activities with friends, or hiding over the holidays. Although we are big advocates for treatments like liposuction, for such small pockets of fat, why undergo the knife when there is no healing that needs to be done with CoolSculpting.

Book a Consultation

Our skin experts can help guide you in the right direction and determine an accurate cost estimate through a complimentary personalized CoolSculpting consultation, and let you know if CoolSculpting at our Vancouver clinic is the best option for you, your goals and your budget. Book now!

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