December 28, 2012

Double Chin Surgery

Double Chin Surgery
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Double Chin Surgery

Some people are frustrated by what is commonly referred to as a double chin. There are some common features that contribute to the appearance of a double chin. Patients may have a combination of the following, and usually inherit these features from their parents:

  1. A lax plastysma muscle
  2. Excess fat in the neck area
  3. A recessive chin

Patients with any combination of these features may be candidates for a double chin surgery. Double chin surgery is appropriate for younger patients under the age of 40 who don't have any lower face or neck skin laxity. Patients over the age of 40 typically have lower face laxity that would render double chin surgery ineffective. Patients over the age of 40 who have a poor neck angle or double chin are typical candidates for lower facelift for surgery.

This video explains double chin surgery and what patients are candidates.

How double chin surgery is performed

An incision is placed just underneath the chin where it is easily hidden. The skin of the neck is elevated to expose the underlying fat. If there is extra fat, it is removed either directly or with liposuction. If the patient has a lax platisma muscle, it is tightly bound with sutures. This allows for significant structural support for the neck and a defined neck angle. If the patient�s chin is recessive, a chin implant is used to create a more prominent chin area. The incisions are closed with dissolvable stitches. A compression garment must then be worn diligently for several weeks after the surgery. You can see before and after photos of a double chin surgery patient here.

Benefits of double chin surgery

The physical benefits of double chin surgery are:

  • Definition of the neck angle
  • Reduction of double chin
  • Reduced neck fullness

Are you a good candidate

Double chin surgery is ideal for people of all ages who are frustrated with the appearance of a double chin. This surgery is not appropriate for patients who are looking for an improvement in the jowls, jaw line and cheek area. These patients may be candidates for facelift surgery.

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