April 25, 2016

Can Laser Hair Removal Really be Pain Free?

Laser hair removal is that one treatment you've been meaning to get for yourself for quite some time, which is bound to transform your life for the better, but you've heard stories. Scary stories. If the pain involved in the process of laser hair removal is something that's been holding you back for years, then it's time to finally uncover a dying question once and for all: can laser hair removal really be pain free?

Why does laser hair removal hurt?

While some say that laser hair removal hurt them less than, let's say, waxing, many other patients find the process to be difficult to get through. The reason why laser hair removal causes pain in the first place isn't due to the laser-wavelengths themselves, but rather, the heat produced by the laser treatment. While heat is necessary to treat the hair follicles, it can also work against a comfortable experience by heating up the surrounding dermis and causing pin-prick like pain.

Methods to guard against the pain

Methods are commonly taken to guard against the pain of laser hair removal. Many times you'll find your laser hair removal technician prepped with ice to cool down and numb the skin at intervals throughout the treatment, but unfortunately, this makes for a longer and less precise treatment. Other tactics taken by patients include pain medication and the application of topical skin-numbing cream prior to the treatment.

The only pain-free laser hair removal treatment

If you're wondering when the good news is going to show up, wonder no more. Alas, there is a laser hair removal treatment – which we've excitedly just added to our roster of services at Fiore Skin Clinic! – called Soprano ICE which is virtually pain-free.Because this laser treatment involves short, repetitive pulses instead of long and direct pulses as in other laser hair removal treatments, the skin around the targeted hair follicles remains unaffected. The contact cooling technology involved in this revolutionary treatment means that (finally!) laser hair removal can be totally painless, quick, and even enjoyable.More good news? With this particular device, laser hair removal is no longer limited to skin or hair type, and can be safely performed at any time during the year. Typically, patients with darker skin will experience more pain due to the higher levels of melanin in the skin, which results in the wavelengths heating up the skin even more. The technology Soprano ICE is equipped with, however, means that even those with darker or tanned skin can enjoy a pain-free laser hair removal treatment. Having undergone a number of clinical trials successfully, Soprano ICE isn't just the only painless laser hair removal treatment; it's also the safest!We could not be happier to have introduced Soprano ICE to Fiore Skin Clinic, and can't wait to revolutionize your world with a comfortable treatment that will bring you closer to being your best, most beautiful you. Go here to book your free consultation for your first painless laser hair removal treatment!Photos: Unsplash, AlmaLasers

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