September 23, 2021

AURA Inner Beauty

Nourish your body from within, with Aura Inter Beauty.AURA Inner Beauty creates premium inner-beauty products which nurtures from the inside out, while connecting your body, mind and soul. AURA Inner Beauty simplifies your health and wellness journey by providing unique, comprehensive and easy-to-take products that help you rise to the occasion of your fast-paced lifestyle.Looking and feeling your best self, and loving the skin that you are in is more than just what we put on our skin, but also what we put into our body. AURA Inner Beauty and 8 West looks to redefine the way we think about beauty and its relationship to our overall health and wellness. A new world of science is changing our preconception that beauty is only skin-deep, and aims to view beauty with a wholistic approach.With AURA Inner Beauty's range of Inner Beauty Elixirs, Restorative Powders, and Omega Oil Dew Drops, you will be radiating beauty from the inside-out!

AURA Collagen is a liquid-elixir formulated with essential amino acids to help in collagen formation to rejuvenate skin, hair, nails and support joints. With three different flavours of coconut, wildberry-hibiscus and passionfruit, AURA Collagen can be enjoyed mixed into water, coconut water, almond milk, smoothies, or paired with other supplements, like AURA’s restorative powders.Why Marine Collagen?Marine collagen is the purest and safest source of collagen available, and is considered the best source of collagen for medicinal purposes, due to its bioavailability (1.5 times more than bovine) and superior bodily absorption. Marine collagen peptides are smaller than other types of collagen, which allows the body to digest and absorb amino acids more easily - which is what helps give you beautiful, glowing, healthy skin.

Inner Balance is a comprehensive all-in-one formula that replaces many of your immunity-boosting and health-promoting vitamins that can be easily integrated into your daily lifestyle. With a restorative blend that combines the gut-health benefits of probiotics with hearty greens, liver tonics, and adaptogenic herbs, Inner Balance works to replenish healthy nutrients, restore gut balance and strengthen your resilience.Naturally flavoured with pineapple and mango.Inner Beauty is a powerhouse blend that combines the gut-health benefits of probiotics with powerful antioxidant-rich and adaptogenic super berries. These all work together to restore your gut-to-skin connection, protect your skin against oxidative damage and inflammation, and support your skin from within.Naturally flavoured with pomegranate.Inner Focus is a calmness, clarity and memory enhancing supplement for your mind. Stimulate brain flow and mute stress with lion's mane mushroom, ashwaghanda and bacopa.Naturally flavoured with organic papaya. 


A unique blend of organically sourced plant-based oils, harvested in their purest form using Supercritical CO2 Extraction. This dual purpose beauty elixir not only deeply softens skin and saturates skin with a potent array of restorative nutrients when applied topically, but it's true powers reside in the way it nourishes your skin, body and mind from within as a daily ingestible supplement.Next time you’re in, ask your treatment provider or any of our staff about how AURA Inner Beauty can supplement your lifestyle, and help bring balance to your skin, gut health and body.

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