November 10, 2016

7 Simple Reasons You'll Fall In Love With A Medical-Grade Facial

Chances are you've had a facial or two in the past. Chances also are that some of these procedures fell short of your expectations - but that's no reason to give up on them entirely! A medical-grade facial brings a new level of results to standard cosmetic treatments - and that's why the medical aestheticians at 8 West Cosmetic Surgery are pleased to present these seven simple reasons you'll fall in love with a medical-grade facial:

1. Exfoliation to remove dead skin

A medical-grade exfoliation removes the outermost layer of dead skin cells and thins a typically thickened stratum corneum (a particularly common issue during the harsh winter months). The result: an instantly revitalized glow and a positive boost for your skin-care routine, as your products will now be able to "reach" the previously inaccessible lower levels of your skin.

2. Increased circulation for a healthy glow

In addition to a good buffing a medical-grade facial increases circulation to your face, resulting in a gorgeous glow as fresh blood makes it way to where you need it most.

3. Sterile extractions for clearer skin

During your medical-grade facial, extractions (the removal of trapped oil from pores) are performed by our medical aestheticians in a sterile environment with special tools to cancel out skin impurities - including the deepest blackheads (consider your days of picking over).

4. Long-term skin benefits

In addition to an instant result, you'll also see long-term benefits, like better skin texture and fewer noticeable wrinkles, as a direct result of your medical-grade facial. Plus, fine-tuning of and consistency in your post-facial skin routine with the help of our experts means you will see less breakouts over the long term.

5. Stress relief

While it may not be the sole purpose of your visit to our clinic, we could all use a little extra relaxation in our lives. The combination of experienced professionals and a calming treatment setting will provide you with a well-deserved serving of stress relief.

6. Professional results

Using medical-grade products, we offer the most powerful peels and products on the market. Translation: you'll see the best results possible in the world of facials.

7. Customized treatment

The 8 West team of highly experienced medical aestheticians have years of experience when it comes to working with skin. Not only will our team members use the best of their knowledge and abilities to diagnose your skin concerns, they'll work with you to create a customized treatment to effectively address your individual needs.There you have it: seven reasons to have a medical-grade facial in order to see the best results possible. Click here to book your complimentary consultation and start your skin transformation today!

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