January 1, 2020

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Dermal Fillers

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If you’re looking for an increase in the smoothness and volume of your face, particularly the lack of volume that you’re seeing as a result of aging, then dermal fillers could be for you. When done by a professional, dermal fillers smooth and lift the skin and improve the signs of aging and correct facial volume loss. Whether you’re new to it or not, here are 6 things you didn’t know about dermal fillers that you definitely should.


1. There are many different types


There are many different name brand dermal fillers, and many different types of fillers under each brand. Each type and brand of dermal filler has a slightly different texture: some are thicker and others are lighter, whereas some are intended to be injected very deeply and others just superficially. Your injector should be able to educate you on the different types and brands, and recommend the best product for you.

2. Longer lasting isn’t always better

Woman checking the time for dermal filllers

Product that lasts a long time isn’t always better. In actuality, product that lasts longer isn’t always as safe as product that is shorter-lasting, and many of these products aren’t yet FDA approved. In Canada, there are no FDA-approved permanent lip fillers, due to safety and health concern such as granulomas (a hard lump of tissue) and other side effects. Though it’s normal to want to have injections less frequently for regular patients, those who seek out longer-lasting products are doing themselves a disservice in the long run. Put your safety first and work with an injector who knows which parts of the face can handle longer-lasting fillers.

3. They don’t last the same amount of time for everybody

Where to get fillers and how to ensure it's safe for a woman

Everybody’s body is different, and the length of time that a filler lasts for one patient can be drastically different from the next. Fillers tend to dissolve faster for highly active people who do a lot of exercise. With time, you’ll get to know what kind of patient you are.

4. Filler goes away more quickly in certain parts of the face

Filler goes away faster in the lips for women

A filler can last a lot longer in certain parts of the face, and go away much faster in others. As a general rule, the parts of the face that move a lot (lips and cheeks) will see fillers dissipate faster, while the more dormant parts of the face (the nose and chin) will see fillers lasting much longer. This can also vary depending on your facial expressions.

5. There are some parts of the face where filler is not the answer

Eyebrows are not the best for fillers

The lines between your eyebrows, for example, are not a candidate for dermal fillers. Injecting in this region would just add more unnatural-looking bulk to this area. The best way to treat these types of wrinkles is with botox that relaxes the muscles, allowing the wrinkles to become less prominent over time. Other parts of the face, such as the lower face, just aren’t safe to use fillers. To lift the lower part of the face, you’re better off plumping up the cheek area to take pressure off your naso labial fold.

6. “No down time” is a marketing ploy


Be wary of ads for no down time. Though there are some patients who will experience no bruising, the majority of patients will experience at least some minor bruising or swelling. Less than 10% of patients will experience drastic bruising or swelling, and those who exercise and take advil frequently tend to see more side effects.

For the majority of patients, the most down time experience is between 3 to 4 days of tenderness, swelling, and bruising. While this shouldn’t keep you from going to work, it’s best to prepare yourself for some slight down time just in case.

Dermal fillers can create a life-changing improvement to your self-image that makes you look and feel more beautiful, especially when you take the caution to educate yourself and follow pre and post instructions. Click here to make a consultation with our injector to see if you are a candidate for dermal fillers.

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