May 22, 2017

5 Reasons Why a Chemical Peel is Your Best Friend This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to pay special attention to your skin, especially with the extra sun exposure you are bound to accumulate, but it is essential to have treatments that are summer safe. During the summer months, the specialists at 8 West Clinic help beautiful skin enthusiasts keep up their skin routines with summer safe treatments. This often involves taking a break from BBL/IPL treatments and switching to treatments such as chemical peels and micro needling. Today we are going to focus in on chemical peels, and talk about5 reasons why a chemical peel is your best friend this summer.

  1. Instant Results: You don't always need a laser beam in order to see instant, transformational results. With a medical grade chemical peel from 8 West Clinic, you'll see instantaneous results that will prove to make you appear more youthful and glowing. This makes a chemical peel the perfect summer treatment to receive prior to a big occasion like a wedding, a vacation, or a birthday party.
  2. No Downtime: There is very minimal to zero downtime involved with the range of superficial medical grade peels we offer at 8 West Clinic, which is why it is often called the "red carpet peel" – because it is the perfect pre-red carpet treatment. The peeling experienced from a superficial chemical peel is very mild to not noticeable at all, so we suggest you plan to have your chemical peel one to two days prior to your big occasion to show up glowing and dazzling. One of the beautiful things about chemical peels is that they are totally customizable to each patient's skin. If someone desires a more dramatic improvement, they can opt for a deeper peel (which has more downtime).
  3. Safe for Sun Exposure: Unlike some other effective skincare treatments, our medical grade peels are safe for all seasons, including summer along with all of its sun exposure. This means you can sit back and relax on the beach without having to worry about shading your face constantly. Be sure to still wear your SPF, though!
  4. Treats Sun Damage: Another fabulous reason to get a chemical peel this summer is so that you can actually treat and remove the sun damage you attained but never addressed from the year prior. Alternatively, you can get a chemical peel nearing the end of the summer to be glowing for your last hurrah while also treating your sun damage from the prior weeks or months of outdoor summer activities.
  5. Beneficial for Any Skin Type: Unlike other treatments involving a laser, you don't have to worry about your skin type or colour in order to predict the efficacy or safety of a chemical peel. Medical grade peels are safe on all skin type and colours, so you can be as tanned or freckled as you like and still benefit from the amazing boost of a chemical peel.

This "pick-me-up" treatment does much more than just pick you up: it gives you an instant glow that will have you dazzling your friends at your next big occasion while also improving your skin health and texture for the summer. Click here to book your complimentary consultation with our skin specialist at 8 WestClinic to discuss your next red carpet treatment.

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