April 27, 2016

3 Tips to Get the Best Laser Hair Removal Treatment Possible

Angie Buonassisi
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Laser hair removal isn't something to just 'wing.' This is a procedure you should undertake with care and an educated approach. The more you read and understand about the procedure, the better chances you have of receiving an effective, safe, and comfortable treatment. The skin specialists at Fiore Skin Clinic in Vancouver have prepared 3 tips to help you become more educated and learn how to get the best laser hair removal treatment possible.

1. Beware of 'too good to be true' sales

As the old saying goes, whatever seems too good to be true in life probably is. And this goes for promotions and incredible deals on laser hair removal services. Whether purchasing a Groupon or stumbling across a sale by chance, beware of sales on these types of services. Often, these sales involve an old, outdated machine that will be more uncomfortable and require more treatments. It is also a good idea to consider what types of clinics resort to using Groupon. They may be desperate to round up new customers or need an injection of funds quickly. You've probably heard stories of friends who purchased hugely discounted laser packages only to find the clinic went out out business not long after, or couldn't handle the volume of bookings.Tip: Avoid blowout sale type deals altogether, and instead find the best full-priced or resonably discounted deal by choosing a well known and well established clinic with evidence of many happy customers.

2. Learn about laser removal technology if you can...or rely on reputation

Find out more about pain free laser hair removal at Fiore Skin Clinic with the newest technology, the Soprano ICEAll laser hair removal devices are not created equal. Certain devices are simply not appropriate for all skin types, while others hurt more and require many more treatments for the desired results. Commonly, certain laser hair removal devices won't be safe or effective on darker skin tones; because darker skin tones and tanned skins has a higher chance of burning with certain devices.Tip: In reality, laser devices are treatments are extremely technical. Although you could invest a great deal of time trying to learn about the physics behind each technology, your best course of action may be to rely on the reputation of the clinic and referrals from friends.Remember, the quality of the device equals the number of treatments you'll need.

3. Have a thorough consultation

A patient consultation with Fiore Skin Care specialist, Jillian.Everyone is different, and when it comes to getting laser hair removal for the first time, you want to ensure your specialist gets a thorough overview of your skin type. This is critical so that you receive the best results in the most comfortable and safe way possible. Â The technician should also get to know your lifestyle, as well as your sun habits, to determine what your treatment plan is going to consist of.Very importantly, your laser skin removal specialist should manage your expectations properly about how many treatments will be required, how to best prepare for each treatment and what type of results to see.Tip:Â Go with a technician that takes the time to ask you questions to get to know you, and particularly if they are happy to explain the process and pair you up with a customized laser hair removal treatment plan. Choose a clinic that has been in practice for many years and invests in the most up to date technology.By the way, if you're interested in getting laser hair removal without the pain, Â you'll be interested in getting to know Soprano ICE, our pain-free Vancouver laser hair removal device at Fiore Skin Clinic.Click here to book your free consultation with our laser hair removal specialist and get your way one step closer to that particular 'smooth' you're after.

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