November 6, 2018

3 Reasons Why We're Obsessed with RMS Beauty

Angie Buonassisi
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RMS Beauty in Vancouver, B.C.

8 West Clinic is based in Vancouver BC and we have a team of experts fully trained in the RMS Beauty line of mineral make-up. Our Make-up Artists can help you find the right products for your skin and regimen. Book your skin consultation with us today.

The RMS Difference

Founded by Rose-Marie Swift, RMS beauty brings a welcomed change to the makeup industry. Rose-Marie Swift sought to find the best quality for her products and this started at the production process. RMS uses only natural ingredients that have not gone through harsh treatments like, bleaching, heating and deodorising. When going through this processing, the natural benefits found in the ingredients lose their effects, RMS skips this to maintain the nourishing and healing effect of the wonderful ingredients found in their product range.Adorned by some of the worlds most prestigious models and actresses RMS has a true cult following and here are a few reasons why we are just as obsessed!

  1. The entire RMS beauty line was created around the ‘raw food principle’ this means that the ingredients are fully preserved, you can really feel the power of the coconut oil hydrating your skin, and melting and blending as you apply it. The ‘Un Cover-Up concealer holds up true to this principle, the buttery soft feel of the concealer leaves your skin radiant over chalky.
  2. The Living Luminizer the highlighter that does it all. One of RMS’ biggest sellers, and ours too, this unique highlighter is formulated to give a sheer, luminous glow, that is so incredibly natural looking and works for all skin tones!
  3. Looking for a bronzer that won’t leave you looking orange, gray or just dull? The Buriti Bronzer is a favourite just for all those reasons! Containing Buriti oil, which is high in Vitamin A, this ultra-sheer creamy bronzer gives the true appearance of glowing, healthy sunkissed skin. No sparkles or orange skin here. Bonus tip: You can also use this as a highlighter for darker skin tones!

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