Is the Recovery from Hump Reduction Rhinoplasty Painful

Is the Recovery from Hump Reduction Rhinoplasty Painful?

The recovery period from hump reduction is not generally painful. The nose is not a weight bearing structure and does not support you in your daily activities of life such as sitting up or walking. In this way, rhinoplasty recovery is much easier than breast augmentation or tummy tuck surgery. You will be able to rest easily with minimal discomfort by avoiding wearing glasses on your nose our touching it during the healing period.

Will My Nose be Broken?

There is the perception that rhinoplasty surgery involves breaking the bones. “Breaking” is a bit of a misnomer and there is no reason for patients to worry about this part of the surgery. Often people describe narrowing or changing the shape of the nose bones as re-breaking the nose – but in fact what we do is use a technique called an osteotomy – which is a cut in the bone. Cutting the bones destabilizes them, allowing me to push the bones in gently and narrow them in a very controlled fashion. I use a very sharp tool to create osteotemies and the process if doing so is controlled and precise.

Will a Hump Reduction cause Black Eyes?

Yes, there is a chance are you will have a small amount of bruising around the eyes. This is caused by a little bit of blood that comes from the edge of the bone cuts and seeps in under the very thin eyelid skin. Because the eyelid skin is so thin you can actually see a little bit of that bruising -otherwise you wouldn’t.

What should I do Post-Operatively? 

The most important this is you have to maintain the cast that I apply for the week after the surgery. The cast compresses the skin and the nose bones to keep them aligned. Keep your cast on until your 1 week follow up visit.

Are You Wondering What to Expect from Rhinoplasty Recovery?

Our experts have provided follow up care to many rhinoplasty patients. We would be happy to discuss what to expect from recovery. Please call our office at (604) 733-1669. You can also schedule a complementary telephone consultation, or visit recovering from rhinoplasty. We are here to help!