How Does the Surgery Centre Know I’m Healthy Enough for Surgery?

How Does the Surgery Centre Know I’m Healthy Enough for Surgery?

Am I Healthy Enough for Surgery?

In general, the vast majority of rhinoplasty patients are young and don’t have any of the health concerns that would make it inappropriate for them to have surgery. Health conditions that could prevent a patient from having surgery include: severe anemia, bleeding disorders, severe asthma that is uncontrolled by medication, and illnesses that require blood thinners.

During your consultation with Dr. Buonassisi, your health and medical history will be discussed. It is important that you let him know what medicataion you take, and if you have any health concerns. He will determine if you are healthy enough for surgery.

Is the surgeon the only one to determine if I am healthy enough for surgery?

Surgery centres have systems in place for ensuring patients are healthy enough for surgery. You will be asked to complete a medical history questionnaire and to have a basic physical (blood pressure, heart rate) and this will be reviewed by the surgery centre staff prior to surgery.

What happens if I get sick just before surgery?

Surgeries proceed unless the patient has an extreme health problem and is not fit for surgery. A cold, upper respiratory infection, flu or migraine are not considered healthy problems that necessitate cancelling surgery.

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