Cosmetic complications: Minor Tip Descent After Surgery

Cosmetic complications: Minor Tip Descent After Surgery

Cosmetic Complications: Slight Descent of the Nasal Tip

Slight descent of the nasal tip is a possible cosmetic complication of rhinoplasty. Less than 5% of patients will experience this. It happens because disruption of the tip support mechanisms are often required to make changes to nasal features.

During the healing process, the position of the tip may fall slightly relative to its position immediately after surgery. In fact, rhinoplasty experts will plan for some degree of drooping by purposefully over rotating the tip so that once swelling has subsided, it will descend into its intended position.

Can your surgeon control tip descent?

Significant descent of the tip position can usually be predicted and controlled (prevented) by the surgeon through the use of tip support techniques such as columellar strut or septo columellar sutures. Rhinoplasty specialists will identify patients who are at risk for tip descent, and use appropriate techniques to try to prevent it.

Other potential cosmetic complications:

  • recurrence of a hump
  • slight twisting of the nose
  • minor visible irregularities
  • under or over correction

What potential cosmetic complications apply to you?

Only a comprehensive rhinoplasty assessment will tell. Dr. Buonassisi performs computer imaging, reviews before and after photos of patients who have had similar changes to yours, and discusses both the risks and benefits of surgery. Book a consultation today.