What Are Healthy Expectations of Rhinoplasty Surgery?

What Are Healthy Expectations of Rhinoplasty Surgery?

What Are Healthy Expectations of Rhinoplasty Surgery?

So you’re thinking about rhinoplasty. Very exciting! There are many benefits to look forward to in terms of how rhinoplasty can improve your facial balance – but it is important that you have the appropriate expectations of what surgery can do for you. Read on to find out more about both realistic and unrealistic expectations of surgery.

Realistic Expectations

1. Better balance. Patients have all kinds of concerns regarding their noses. Rhinoplasty experts like Dr. Buonassisi specialize in reshaping your nose to create a better balance among all of your facial features – and a more harmonious look. The objective is to make your nose look more appropriate for the rest of your face.

2. Improved appearance. This newly restored facial balance means that rhinoplasty will also result in subtle improvements to your overall appearance. Depending on the type of surgery you have (Dr. Buonassisi will help determine the best procedure for you during the consultation process), reshaping your nose can make you look happier, more sophisticated and even more youthful. Take tip refinement, for instance. If your nose is droopy, it can make you look slightly older than you really are (since our noses naturally tend to droop as we age). Not only that, a drooping nose – a common feature among cartoon villains – can make you look grumpy on the happiest of days. Tip rotation can correct this issue.

3. Shifted focus. Do you feel like your nose is the first thing people see when you enter a room? Rhinoplasty reshapes your nose so that suddenly the focus shifts to other areas of your face – like your beautiful eyes and dazzling smile. Some patients even find that they’re able to do with less makeup after surgery – no longer do they need massive amounts of mascara and gobs of lip-gloss to detract attention from their nose.

4. Increased confidence. Rhinoplasty won’t change your life, but it can improve your self-confidence (which can do wonders for transforming your reality). Imagine looking at yourself in the mirror, day in and day out, and thinking, “If only my nose were smaller … ” This kind of negative thinking takes tons of time and energy away from accomplishing the things that truly matter. So, while cosmetic surgery won’t automatically result in a job or a boyfriend, feeling better about the way you look can give you the boost you need to focus on other areas of your life.

Unrealistic Expectations

1. A Perfect Nose Job

There is no such thing as a perfect nose job – at a super close look there will always be signs of surgery. The best rhinoplasty surgeons select patients who are accepting of the limitations of surgery and aren’t trying to control them. No surgeon in the world can guarantee a perfect result. If you see a surgeon in consultation that promises only great things and doesn’t educate you on the limitations of rhinoplasty – we strongly suggest you walk away. Rhinoplasty surgery isn’t like a mathematical formula where you enter the inputs and get an answer. Rhinoplasty surgeons make good decisions based on experience and strong judgement – to try to get you the best result possible given the nose you are starting off with. If you have thin skin, you may have tiny visible irregularities after surgery that you might not be considered “perfect”. If you have thick skin, it just may not be possible to refine your nasal tip as much as you would have liked.

The important thing is that you choose a highly experienced rhinoplasty surgeon who will be able to make good decisions based on their vast nose job experience – while managing your expectations about what is possible. If after your consultation and a discussion of limitations you are still hoping for perfection you should seriously consider not having surgery. You may not have the personality type for it.

A Super Dramatic Change

No surgeon in the world can give you a nose that is drastically different to what you have now. This is why there is no use asking for your favorite celebrity’s nose – while bringing photos of noses you love to your consultation is a good idea and can help as you communicate your objectives – your surgeon will be trying to get you the best nose possible given the nasal and facial features that you were born with. So while small noses can be augmented subtly, and large noses can be refined subtly, a super dramatic change probably isn’t reasonable to hope for. This is what the consultation is for – have an in depth discussion with your rhinoplasty surgeon to find out if what you want is possible or not. Be sure your surgeon is a rhinoplasty specialist so that you can trust they are agreeing to making changes they can actually achieve. You don’t want an inexperienced surgeon to agree to place a huge implant in your nose that will look unnatural and cause problems in the future. Be careful what you ask for and who you ask it of.

A Totally Changed Life

Rhinoplasty surgery can increase your self-confidence and positively affect your life in many subtle ways – but cosmetic surgery can’t mend deep down feelings of self-worthlessness. If you generally love yourself (just not your nose) prior to surgery, then rhinoplasty might be for you. If you have deep unresolved emotional issues, then please consider delaying surgery until later – you may find that with a more positive self outlook, having surgery just isn’t as important to you as it used to be.

Have Questions About Rhinoplasty?

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