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In light of recent provincial announcements, 8 West Clinic is following the BC Vaccine Passport Program until BC is no longer in a health care crisis.

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Proof of Vaccination Requirements

Until BC is no longer in a health care crisis, 8 West Clinic will require proof of vaccination. We will be accepting the following when you arrive at the clinic:

1. BC Vaccine Card for scanning, to verify full double vaccination

2. A piece of valid government-issued photo ID (e.g., BC driver's licence or BC Services Card, Passport, or Photo ID issued by another province or territory)

For your convenience, we will keep a record internally of the first time your vaccine passport is scanned so that you will not have to do it again on subsequent visits––however, we will not keep any copy of your vaccine passport.

In BC, businesses are required to use the BC Vaccine Card Verifier app to scan your QR code.

Why We're Participating in this Program

We’re participating in the BC Vaccine Passport Program and asking for proof of vaccination to protect our staff and clients. We work very closely with our clients during their treatments and consultations, and this most often requires us to ask clients to remove their masks for their services and not be socially distanced. Requiring proof of vaccination is an added layer of protection for our service providers and for the clients we see every day so our clinic can continue to operate safely.


How are my appointments affected?

Starting September 29th, we will require and be checking proof of vaccination at check-in for in-clinic appointments. As of October 24th, full double doses will be required.

Can extra guests or children attend appointments?

Preferably, no persons other than the client coming in for their appointment will be allowed in our clinic at this time. However, it may be allowed on a case by case basis.

We ask that you make arrangements with us beforehand, and any guests will also need to fill out COVID forms and show proof of double vaccination.

Are there still areas for clients to wait before appointments?

Our waiting areas are open, are regularly sanitized, and are setup for proper social distancing.

We're here to help! Contact us about your questions.

Call us: (604) 733-1669

* Your QR code is not connected to other health records. BC is using the SMART Health Card QR code format, a requirement of the federal government. The app can only read: 1) Your name, and 2) If you are partially or fully vaccinated. Businesses aren't allowed to keep a copy without your consent.

We also made this decision as it is our duty to support our health care workers. BC and Canada as a whole are in a health care crisis due to the hospitalization of COVID-19 patients, and we want to support them by encouraging our clients to get vaccinated. Nurses and physicians on our staff are our priority, and our clinic must provide them with protection to continue providing care and safety for our patients. In a commitment to doing our part, we will not compromise what we feel is our responsibility for our health care system.