Skin Stories: Correct Your Sun Damage with Laser Skin Therapy

Skin Stories: Correct Your Sun Damage with Laser Skin Therapy

Laser skin therapy is a transformative skin journey that will erase your signs of aging while plumping up the natural age-defence mechanisms in the lower layers of the skin. You may have noticed some of the obvious and common signs of aging, like increased pigment in the face, hands, and neck as the years have passed, which – luckily! – can all be treated with our laser skin therapy option at 8 West Clinic

Broad band light is a technology used at 8 West Clinic to treat all of these signs of aging. Also known as IPL, BBL is a superior technology that treats irregular pigmentation related with aging, sun spots, freckles, and blood vessels.

Our patient Andrea had three rounds of BBL with us to focus in on the redness in her skin around her nose and cheeks, an outcome of being active outside very regularly. Also stimulating collagen production, Andrea noticed a ‘wowing’ change after her three BBL treatments, suddenly improving the quality, tone, and texture of her skin while turning back the hands of time.

Our other patients featured in the video above are of various age groups and have successfully undergone BBL treatments to correct different skin issues like acne, sun spots, redness, blood vessels, and a post-pregnancy cherry angiomas. 

The best part of BBL treatments? The lasting, transformative results are noticeable even right after your treatment when you leave our offices glowing!

Watch the video above for the full story of our patient results with laser skin therapy, and book your complimentary consultation here to get started on your transformative skin journey.