March 28, 2024
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Maskne — what it is and what you can do about it

In a recent press release, the clinic said July was its busiest month of the year with more than 700 patients signing up for cosmetic procedures, with a marked increase in the number of ‘micro surgeries’ or ‘minimally invasive surgeries’ being booked.

‘These are procedures that, for the right candidate, can offer the noticeable change that comes from having a surgical procedure but with a much quicker recovery and less downtime,’ Dr. Buonassisi says. ‘Some of these ‘micro’ surgeries include sliver blepharoplasty, mini facelift, lip lift and minimal incision brow lift. We have also noticed a rise in patients coming to the clinic for Botox or filler treatments to target concerns for the eye area.

‘With the increase in people being required to wear a mask, we are relying more on our eyes to be the focal point and to help express or communicate for us.'

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