April 23, 2024
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Demand for plastic surgery growing among Canada's youth

Nicole Goldstein was just 17, finished high school and about to start community college, when she took the step she had been dreaming of through years of cruel taunting, and finally had her plus-sized nose surgically transformed.

Her older sister underwent a nose job at the same time, and Ms. Goldstein said she knows many other teenage girls who have had similar operations recently while in high school or college. At clinics across the country, meanwhile, cosmetic surgeons are performing operations to fix protruding ears on even younger children — some barely out of Kindergarten — in what has become a surprising and contentious phenomenon.Doctors say they see a sharp spike at this time of year in the number of young aestheic-surgery patients like Ms. Goldstein, eager to have their operation and heal in time for the return to class, be it in Grade 1 or first-year university.

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