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Meet Dr. Thomas Buonassisi, Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

As one of Canada’s top cosmetic facial surgeons, Dr. Thomas Buonassisi leads the team at 8 West Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Clinic and carries extensive experience, having performed facial cosmetic surgery for over 20 years. Dr. Buonassisi has travelled the world to train with renowned experts in the field, working closely with top surgeons in the United States and Australia.

What makes Dr. Buonassisi one of the most respected and well-known facial cosmetic surgeons?

  • Board Certification in Facial Plastic Surgery
  • American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
  • American Board of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery
  • Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
  • Over 20 Years Experience
  • Thousands of Facial Cosmetic Surgeries Performed
  • RealSelf Verified Surgeon
  • Voted 2018, 2019, 2020 Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Vancouver

Being an expert in his field, Dr. Thomas Buonassisi has performed thousands of facial cosmetic procedures and has honed his surgical skills into an artform.


Benefits of a Facelift

You may have tried dermal fillers, laser skin resurfacing or other treatments and have had great success in curving the signs of aging. Each has its own set of benefits, and can improve the signs of aging in the face to some degree. There does come a point for some patients where these treatments aren’t able to achieve the desired results, based on nothing more than how the face ages. This is where a Facelift may be the ideal surgery for you.

A Facelift is a long-term investment in how you look and feel, and depends on a number of factors to determine if this is the ideal way forward. If you desire longer-lasting results, and are finding that fillers or lasers aren’t giving you the same natural results you used to see, you may be ready for a more extensive procedure.
Do you want to:

  • Lift skin of the mid and lower face
  • Diminish creases around the mouth and nose (also called naso labial folds and marionette lines)
  • Lift skin and pockets of fat along the jowl and chin area
  • Reduce neck laxity

How is Facelift Surgery Performed? 

How exactly a Facelift is performed depends on which technique is required to achieve the desired Facelife type. Facelifts use two main techniques: 

SMAS Plication Facelift: A SMAS Facelift targets the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS), which is a layer of tissue that lies deep beneath the skin. Focusing on the lower two-thirds of the face, a SMAS facelift addresses issues like sagging skin, jowls, excess fat, hollowed cheeks, and loose skin around the chin. A SMAS facelift trims and removes fat and excess skin and tightens the muscles of the lower face. 

Deep Plane Facelift: The “Deep Plane” is the area that lies between the SMAS and the deeper layer of facial muscles. With a deep plane facelift, Dr. Buonassisi moves only the layer under the muscle and leaves the skin attached to the muscle. Keeping the muscle attached to the skin avoids skin pulling or tightness so you’ll have tension-free, natural-looking results.


How Long Does it Take to Recover from Facelift Surgery?

Facelift surgeries typically have a downtime of 2-3 weeks, but swelling can last about 3-4 weeks. The incisions are always made in such a way as they will be practically imperceivable when fully recovered. During recovery, scars and redness are easy to hide with makeup until they begin to fade.

The only Facelift procedure that differs from the above is the Mini Lift, which often sees less swelling and bruising and the downtime is typically just one week.


Who is a Candidate for Facelift Surgery?

There is not one specific candidate for Facelift surgery and, as most surgeries or procedures, tends to rely on a number of factors. Facelift surgery candidates, while they do tend to be more common among mature patients, the conditions that this surgery works to help with can be based on genetics as well.

A candidate for Facelift surgery will likely notice moderate-to-pronounced signs of aging, such as very lax skin, loss of volume, and fat deposits that have fallen or disappeared.

When it comes to determining Facelift candidacy, it is always best to discuss this in a consultation. 8 West Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Clinic offers a complimentary pre-consultation with our extremely knowledgeable Patient Care Managers. In this, you will discuss your candidacy, procedure cost and process, and they can answer any other questions you may have. They will also perform a photo review with the Surgeon on your behalf, to confirm that you are a candidate. While some people aren’t candidates for Facelift surgery, Dr. Buonassisi may often refer you to see one of our medical aestheticians for non-surgical treatments, as this option may yield more beneficial results for your individual goals.

The Types of Facelift Surgery

While those who want a Facelift are typically all searching for the same result; a lifted face, there are a number of different types of Facelift surgeries that address different areas and conditions.

Also called the S Lift, or Mini Lift, this is a less invasive type of procedure that also has less downtime. It’s often a great option for patients who are experiencing mild-moderate signs of aging and want minor facial rejuvenation. Mini Lifts are ideal for those who are starting to see a loss in lower face laxity, such as jowling or a softened jawline. The Mini Lift doesn’t address the upper face, so many patients choose eye and brow treatments in addition to this surgery.

For the right patient, a Mini Lift is a fantastic choice to keep a natural and rejuvenated look, when you feel that the signs of aging are creeping in.

This is a type of SMAS facelift that utilizes a short incision. This incision is behind and below the ear and difficult to notice once healed. The West Coast Ponytail Facelift is ideal for patients who are starting to see early signs of aging in the upper and mid face. A West Coast Ponytail Facelift doesn’t alter the appearance of the lower face, jawline, or neck, so patients who want to address those areas will want to consider the Comprehensive Deep Plane Facelift as an excellent alternative that will produce more substantial results.

A highly complex facial surgery that requires an immense level of skill and experience to perform. Dr. Thomas Buonassisi is a member of an exclusive group of North America’s plastic surgeons who can perform the Deep Plane Facelift. We’ve added the word “Comprehensive” because this type of facelift is the ultimate in facial rejuvenation surgeries. The Comprehensive Deep Plane Facelift yields significant results that benefit the volume of the face, not just the skin. Rather than just pulling, Dr. Buonassisi expertly elevates and repositions a patient’s facial structure for a highly-customized outcome.

The Comprehensive Deep Plane Facelift is an excellent option for more mature patients, or those who are seeing more acute signs of aging and skin laxity. This will leave you with a completely natural appearance, almost as if the clock has been turned back.

What’s Covered In Your Pre-Consultation

Step 1: Request Your Complimentary Pre-Consultation Session with the 8 West Clinic Team

A pre-consultation session is a complimentary service that we recommend to anyone considering Facelift surgery. In your pre-consultation with a Patient Care Manager, they will conduct a photo review with yourself and Dr. Buonassisi on your behalf to confirm that you are a candidate for the procedure. They will also discuss the surgery cost, timeline, process as well as any other options that Dr. Buonassisi may have suggested achieving your desired results.


Step 2: Schedule Your Consultation with Dr. Buonassisi

Meet Dr. Buonassisi in person (or online if you are an out-of-town patient) for expectations setting. The surgical consultation is by far the most important part of the cosmetic surgery process because this is the communication tool that helps explain what can be achieved in surgery.

Dr. Buonassisi will share real patient Before and After photos to help illustrate what can be achieved with the particular surgery you are discussing. This is also your opportunity to ask him any questions.


Step 3: Schedule Your Surgery and Receive Ongoing Care in Follow Up Visits

Our team of medical professionals and patient care managers are here to make your experience a smooth, informative and positive one. We manage all the details of your surgery and schedule a series of follow-up appointments to ensure you are healing well and are happy with your results! We are here to help answer all your questions about recovery.


Learn More with a Pre-Consultation

The decision to proceed with Facelift surgery should be made with the utmost level of care and attention. While it can be exciting to think about how you may look with a Facelift, it is important to be informed about both the risks and benefits of surgery.

A pre-consultation discussion is a complimentary service with our award-winning, knowledgeable and friendly patient care team, which we recommend to anyone considering any surgery. This service includes a review of your photos to help determine if a Facelift is right for you, plus a discussion of costs and possible surgery dates on top of any other questions you may have before you decide if you are ready to meet Dr. Thomas Buonassisi in person.