Surgery vs. Filler Q&A with Dr. Buonassisi: Is it Better to Get Botox Fillers or a Brow/Forehead Lift?

Surgery vs. Filler Q&A with Dr. Buonassisi: Is it Better to Get Botox Fillers or a Brow/Forehead Lift?

If you are experiencing forehead wrinkles or sunken brows that cast a shadow across your eyes, making you appear tired or aging you beyond your years, you might be wondering what the best plan of action is to address this. We sat down with facial plastic surgeon Dr. Buonassisi of 8 West Cosmetic Surgery, to discuss this common age-related facial change and learn more about options for the brow area. Dr. Buonassisi has been performing surgical and non surgical brow treatments for over 20 years.


Q: Is it better to get botox, fillers or a brow/forehead lift?

A: It really depends on the specifics of your face.

If your brows are in a good position and you’re just hoping for a tiny increase in the height of your brows, then botox can be used as a non-surgical brow lift. The key with using botox to lift the brows, however, is to be realistic about the expectations. Botox can usually only provide about a 1mm lift to the brows, and the shape of the brows can not be “designed” as they can be with surgery.

The facial aesthetic of a beautiful brow peaks in line with the outside part of the iris closest to the ear, not above the centre of the pupil, as many people assume. If your brows are low and flat, either genetically or because of aging, you might look more elegant and youthful with a brow lift. When I perform browlift surgery, I can design the shape of the brow, including where it peaks, and I have much more control over the degree of lift.

brow lift or fillers/botox

Q: Isn’t a brow lift an extensive procedure?

A: Coronial incision browlifts are a thing of the past. With Minimal Incision Brow Lifts, the procedure isn’t as extensive as you’d think.

The minimal incision browlift does not require incisions across the hairline, as a traditional brow lift would. The traditional technique was restrictive because it didn’t allow for specificity in designing and shaping the brow and also involved a really long incision and recovery time that left scarring along the hairline. A minimal incision brow lift hides incisions in a natural crease in the forehead, which is then invisible once healed, and the recovery about a week long.

This patient had a minimal incision browlift with Dr. Buonassisi.

This patient had a minimal incision browlift with Dr. Buonassisi. Incisions are carefully hidden in natural creases in the forehead and are nearly imperceptive once healed. See all of her brow lift before and after photos here. She also had a short incision facelift and upper eyelid blepharoplasty.

Q: Wouldn’t filler be an appropriate alternative?

A: Filler is not always an appropriate solution because it adds bulk.

In most cases, I prefer not to add filler or bulk to the brow area, especially in women. A better approach to correct forehead wrinkles would be to inject botox, which would then smooth and flatten out the wrinkles over time.

Q: Can’t I just use botox then?

A: Yes, but botox will only create a very subtle brow lift.

Botox can, however, help smooth and flatten out deep wrinkles over time, but will not provide significant results in lifting or shaping the brow. So long as the patient has realistic expectations, a botox browlift can be a good solution.

If you have more questions regarding your brow lift or botox fillers in your forehead area, book your complimentary consultation with Dr. Buonassisi here.

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