Recovery Period Double Eyelid surgery Vancouver

Recovery Period

Recovery Period

Video transcript: The recovery period for incisional versus suture technique for Double Eyelid surgery is different.

With the suture technique, most people will get a slight amount of swelling for the first few days but generally look good quickly, so there’s not a lot of bruising or swelling and most people will see a well formed crease pretty much right away and the position of the crease will almost be what it will be long term, perhaps slightly higher just after the surgery.

With an incisional technique the recovery period is much longer. It’s not more painful and it doesn’t necessarily mean that patients can’t get back to normal activity. It’s just that there is more swelling with the incisional technique, such that the creases look significantly too high in the early post operative period and that can be for even a couple of months. So I think that long term results are excellent for both, however in terms of recovery period when the eyelids look their best is certainly longer with the incisional technique.

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