The Best End-Of-Summer Skincare Tips

The Best End-Of-Summer Skincare Tips

The end of summer is almost here, which means one thing for sure: it’s time to switch up your skincare and address the sun damage you may have acquired over the sun-exposed season. But where do you start? Here our are best end-of-summer skincare tips, developed for you my the medical aestheticians at 8 West Clinic.


Adjust your Skincare Products


Offects Exfoliating Polish by ZO Skin HealthOver the summer, you may have toned back on your exfoliator because your skin was feeling a bit more sensitive being exposed to more sun than usual. Now that summer is almost gone, however, it’s time to start exfoliating again. We recommend Offects Exfoliating Polish by ZO Skin Health.


When summer leaves us, there is less humidity in the air, so your skin might start feeling a bit more parched. This means you may wish to choose a heavier moisturizer or apply more of it – but be sure to continue using an SPF or a moisturizer with an SPF in the ingredients list. This will ensure you skin is protected even on what seems like a sun-safe cloudy day.


With less humidity in the air that can lead to dryer skin, you may also be so inclined to change up your cleanser. Switch over to hydrating cleanser to ensure your skin isn’t getting dried out by the air and your night and morning skincare regime.

Fix Sun Damage with a Light Based Treatment

In addition to changing your skincare regime, you may also wish to undergo a light-based treatment, such as a BBL or HALO, to correct some of the sun spots, freckles, or pigmentation you acquired over the summer season.

A BBL, or Broad Band Light treatment, can correct these sun-related skin changes and boost your natural collagen production with zero-downtime, and is usually performed over a series of 2 or 3 treatments.

A HALO Hybrid Fractional Laser treatment involves two laser beams in one treatment, working to resurface the outer layer of the skin and targeting the lower layers of the skin at the same time. This laser treatment is usually a stand-alone treatment that involves 3-5 days of downtime, but produces truly wowing results.

Interested in truly transforming your summer skin and preparing yourself for fall? Book your complimentary consultation with our skincare specialist and start your transformation.