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Seeing Full Results of Rhinoplasty

By , Videos in 1 Week Post Op

Seeing Full Results of Rhinoplasty

The question is, why does it take a full year to see my final results? The truth is, the majority of the improvement that you are going to see with rhinoplasty, you see right away. And in fact, 80% of the swelling that occurs from surgery is gone within three weeks. That last 20% probably takes several months to resolve, and  most of it is gone at the 2 to 3 month mark. That last 10% of swelling that occurs and generally is indicated by swelling of the nasal tip skin, sometimes takes a year to resolve just because it takes time for that little bit of tissue edema to sort itself out. When people ask, why does it take a year to see the result? I think the truth is, it’s those small little changes that you may not see right away. Most people are very happy with the dramatic changes in the appearance of their nose right away, and I don’t think it’s something you really have to wait a whole year for in order to be happy with your surgical results.


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