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Refinement Rhinoplasty

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Reduce or Refine the Size and Shape of the Nose with Rhinoplasty or Nose Job Surgery

Welcome to the website of Vancouver BC Facial Plastic Surgeon and rhinoplasty specialist, Dr. Buonassisi. The team at 8 West Cosmetic Surgery welcome you to our practice! Are you thinking about having surgery to achieve a smaller, more refined looking nose? Are you hungry for quality information and highly motivated to choose a rhinoplasty surgeon who truly specializes in this procedure? You have come to the right place. Rhinoplasty surgery, when performed by a specialist, has high satisfaction rates and can create a dramatic improvement to your overall facial aesthetic. Informed and educated patients have the highest satisfaction rates when it comes to rhinoplasty, and that is why Dr. Buonassisi and his team have developed a massive rhinoplasty resource section in this website. Please enjoy.

How to Get Started With Rhinoplasty

There are certainly a lot of things to consider when assessing if a nose job is the right procedure for you and how to go about fitting it into your life. The team at 8 West Cosmetic Surgery have worked with hundreds of Dr. Buonassisi’s cosmetic rhinoplasty patients and we specialize in making this experience a great one. Whether you decide to proceed with surgery or not, the consulting process is essential for ensuring you can make an informed decision.

  1. Explore this website: We have built British Columbia’s and possibly Canada’s most comprehensive source of information about rhinoplasty. We encourage you to watch all the rhinoplasty videos, read the articles and FAQs. There are over 200 pages of information designed to help you understand the procedure and the recovery. Lots of recommendations are made on this page about content to get started with, so keep reading!
  2. Download the Essential Guide to Rhinoplasty: After over a decade doing rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Buonassisi and Director Angie Kozina sat down together with the mission of consolidating the most essential information about the procedure into a free eBook. Download the Essential Guide to Rhinoplasty now. This document presents everything you need to know about surgery, and covers things you may not have considered such as: do you have the right personalilty to be satisfied with your outcome. Read it now. Please. It truly is essential and you will be more educated and informed than ever before.
  3. Have a Pre Consultation: You may not be ready to meet Dr. Buonassisi yet have many questions. That is what our complementary pre consultation is for. Discuss your questions with one of our extremely kind and knowledgeable patient care managers. Then decide if you are ready to meet with Dr. Buonassisi. Request a pre consultation now.
  4. Have a computer imaging consultation with Dr. Buonassisi: This is the MOST important part of the process. No two noses are alike, and no two face are alike. During your sit down with Dr. Buonassisi you will have the chance to explain what changes you are hoping for and he will have the chance to tell you what is actually surgically possible. Sometimes what you want can be achieved, and sometimes it can’t be. This is what the consultation is for: so he can manage your expectations about what your new nose will realistically look like. Computer imaging is an invaluable communication tool for showing you how changes to your nose change the look of your whole face. What if the changes you are hoping for don’t actually look good? Computer imaging will reveal this. Phew. Good to know!
  5. Are You an Out of Town Patient? Many of our clients are! That’s why we have developed a process specifically for you, including the ability to have your computer imaging consultation virtually. Learn more about having surgery when you don’t live in Vancouver here.


Key to Success with Rhinoplasty: A Formalized Consulting Process Combined with Extensive Patient Education Materials.

After 15 years in practice specializing in rhinoplasty surgery, Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Buonassisi has developed a comprehensive consulting process that helps to ensure patients have all the information they need – about both the risks and benefits of surgery – to make an educated decision. We believe that informed patients are happy patients and that is why we have developed an extensive rhinoplasty website – we encourage you to spend time learning about surgery and to contact us with questions.

Benefits of Refinement Rhinoplasty

The nose is one of the most noticeable facial features. People who have a well-proportioned nose may not pay much attention to how it influences their overall appearance. But for those who think their nose is too large, has noticeably irregular features such as a large hump or bulbous tip – their nose can often become the focus of their face and detract away from their other attractive facial features. Refinement rhinoplasty patients will usually see the best result through a carefully selected combination of these changes to their nose:

  • Hump Reduction: to reduce the size and shape of dorsal hump or bump on the nose
  • Tip refinement: to make a bulbous or bulky tip look more refined and sophisticated
  • Tip rotation: to create a more attractive angle between the tip of the nose and the upper lip
  • Augmentation or projection: to create a more prominent bridge or project/define the tip area, often but not always in Asian patients
  • Alar base reduction: to narrow the nostrils

Related Resources

We’ve produced a massive rhinoplasty section in our website to help educate and inform our patients. Here are some things we recommend you check out:

  1. Rhinoplasty Videos
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  2. FAQs About Rhinoplasty
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  3. Rhinoplasty Before & After Photos
    1. Rhinoplasty before and after photos – many thanks to the patients who have given us consent to show their photos online. In this gallery you will find a small sample of the thousands of photos we have. During your consultation, Dr. Buonassisi will show you cases that illustrate changes that real patients with a similar nose to yours have had.
  4. Rhinoplasty Articles: highlighting some of the most interesting and sometimes controversial topics in nose job surgery, such as:
    1. Does My Surgeon Know What Looks Good
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    4. How much time to take off work
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    6. When will you be ready for your first public appearance

Risks of Rhinoplasty Surgery

All surgery has risk. The medical risks of rhinoplasty are the same as for any surgery – bleeding and infection. While medical complications of rhinoplasty are rare – it is important that Dr. Buonassisi and the patient discuss this during the consultation. More common than medical complications are cosmetic complications of rhinoplasty. Satisfied patients have an in depth consultation and are informed about the potential cosmetic complications specific to them.

About Dr. Buonassisi

Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Thomas Buonassisi carefully evaluates each patient’s nasal features, facial features, and objectives before choosing which of the various techniques to most effectively achieve the optimal result. Dr. Buonassisi has a specific philosophy when it comes to rhinoplasty.

His objectives are:

  • Perform safe and lasting repairs to the nasal framework
  • Natural results – most patients don’t want to look like they have had surgery. Dr Buonassisi creates a nasal shape that is in keeping with the patient’s gender, ethnic background and other facial features and looks natural
  • Have an informative open dialogue with patients about their specific goals with the support of computer imaging and other consulting tools to add clarity to the conversation
  • Give an honest assessment of what can realistically be achieved with surgery

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