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Are You Thinking about Rhinoplasty Surgery in Vancouver, BC?

Welcome to British Columbia’s most comprehensive source of information on nose job surgery. Board certified Facial Plastic Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Thomas Buonassisi is a rhinoplasty expert and has extensive experience performing cosmetic nasal surgery over the last 15 years.

What Type of Nasal Surgery is Right For You?

  • Refinement Rhinoplasty: for patients who wish to reduce the size of the nose, remove a hump, refine or rotate the tip
  • Augmentation Rhinoplasty: for patients who are interested in augmenting their bridge or tip
  • Alar Base Reduction: narrowing the width of the nostrils either as a procedure on its own or in conjunction with rhinoplasty
  • Teen Rhinoplasty: patients under the age of 18 considering nasal surgery

Dr. Buonassisi and his team have developed a massive resource section to help you evaluate if nose job surgery might be right for you. We encourage you to watch our videos, read the articles and FAQs, peruse the before and after photos – all with the aim of becoming educated and informed. Informed patients are happy patients – and patient satisfaction is our top priority.

The decision to have cosmetic surgery should be made with the utmost level of care and attention. While it can be exciting to think about making a change to your nose, it is important to be informed about both the risks and benefits of surgery.

We strongly recommend that you take advantage of our complementary pre consultation. Then you can decide if you are ready to meet Dr. Buonassisi in person for a computer imaging consultation. He is extremely nice and easy to talk to – but most importantly is famous for his upfront approach during consultations. He uses computer imaging as a communication tool to help explain what can be achieved and sets realistic expectations about your surgery.

Rhinoplasty Surgery