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Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Vancouver

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Vancouver
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Non Surgical Rhinoplasty in Vancouver Add Dimension and Definition to the Bridge and/or Tip Area of the Nose

For the right patient, a non surgical nose job looks wonderful and creates a more defined nose and better facial balance. This procedure is common with Asian patients who would like a more prominent bridge or tip area and prefer not to have surgery. It is also performed on patients who have small depressions that can be filled. Unfortunately this treatment is not appropriate for patients who would like to have their nose, or bridge or tip made smaller or more refined. These patients will benefit from rhinoplasty surgery.

Non surgical rhinoplasty is performed on qualified candidates using dermal filler. Our expert nurse injector will fill small depressions in the nose or use dermal filler to build up the bridge.

What is the Treatment Like? 

Your experience begins with a consultation with Facial plastic surgeon and rhinoplasty specialist Dr. Buonassisi to discuss your objectives. Once your plan has been designed, Dr. Buonassisi makes several small injections into the nose. The injections are mildly uncomfortable. Today’s filler materials contain lidocaine (a local anesthetic) which will numb your nose slightly (this lasts a short time) and make the treatment tolerable.

If you are thinking about having a non surgical or surgical rhinoplasty, please take advantage of our complimentary pre consultation. This is a discussion with a knowledgeable patient care expert who can help determine what procedure might be right for you, give you more information about recovery and tell you how much the procedure costs. 

How Long Does it Last?

The hyaluronic acid the filler is made out of is naturally occurring in your body and will be absorbed over time. If you would like to maintain the result of your treatment, you will repeat it approximately every 12 months. Dr. Buonassisi will help select the best product to be you in your case. Some last longer than others.

Does this Work for All Patients?

Unfortunately no. The idea of avoiding surgery is appealing, but in reality this procedure is ideal for only certain patients.

Ideal for

  • patients desiring a larger/more prominent bridge or tip area
  • patients who have small abnormalities (for example a small depression) that can be corrected by filling them with filler

Not ideal for

  • patients who have a hump on profile view
  • patients who have a bulbous tip
  • patients whose objectives can only achieved with surgery – generally speaking if you would like your nose to be made smaller, slimmer or to change the profile view of a nose that has a hump, filler won’t work for you

Begin your research process by having a discussion with a patient care expert who can help determine what procedure might be right for you, give you more information about recovery and tell you how much the procedure costs. 


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